Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Progressive Radio News Hour Guests for March 18, 20 and 21

The Progressive Radio News Hour Guests for March 18, 20 and 21, 2010

Thursday, March 18 at 10AM US Central time: Quentin Young

Dr. Young is a longtime advocate for social justice and universal, single-payer health care coverage. He's also Clinical Professor of Preventive Medicine and Community Health at the University of Illinois (Chicago) Medical Center and national coordinator for Physicians for a National Health Program.

Obama's push to pass harmful healthcare legislation will be discussed.

Saturday, March 20 at noon US Central time: Robert Abele

Abele teaches humanities and philosophy at Diablo Valley College, CA and has authored four books, including "Democracy Gone" and his newest titled, "Anatomy of a Deception" about the Iraq invasion, occupation, and preparation for the next deception.

Major world and national issues will be discussed.

Sunday, March 21 at noon US Central time: John Kozy

Kozy is a retired philosophy and logic professor, now blogging on social, political, and economic issues. He taught for 20 years and has been a writer for another 20. His articles can be found at and

Kozy's latest writing will be discussed.