Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Iran Bashing Heats Up

Iran Bashing Heats Up

by Stephen Lendman

Western/Israeli anti-Iranian sentiment persists. It's hard imagining anything Tehran does ahead in good faith being accepted.

Iran-bashing never quits. Congress, Israel and its Lobby intend going all-out to prevent consummating a final nuclear deal by June 30.

Already, bogus accusations of Iran violating agreed on Lausanne framework terms surfaced. Expect lots more phony claims like it.

Framework details remain confidential. On April 7, Fars News said Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) chief Ali Akbar Salehi briefed Iranian lawmakers on framework terms agreed on in closed session.

Presiding board member Behrouz Ne'mati said "(a)ll together, the MPs voiced satisfaction."

"There is not much concern among the lawmakers now, and their worries were mostly rooted in the allegations raised by the American side in recent days."

They want a way found to prevent Washington from misinterpreting and misusing agreed on terms.

They want a final deal to include full guarantees for lifting all sanctions at a time - not slowly in stages with no assurance agreed on terms will be honored.

Zarif and Salehi said UF-6 gas would be used in the latest IR-8 generation of centrifuge machines as soon as a final deal is consummated.

P5+1 countries agreed on letting Iran continue its legitimate nuclear R&D. 

Now preparing the final Joint Plan of Action can proceed, based on what's been agreed on so far, Zarif said.

Iran's program is entirely peaceful, he added. Terms agreed on in Lausanne will be strictly observed provided P5+1 countries honor their word.

Iran will partner in international nuclear projects - "including power plant and research reactor construction as well as nuclear safety and security."

All sanctions against Iran will be lifted, Zarif stressed. All anti-Iranian Security Council resolutions will be rescinded.

"The EU will terminate imposition of its nuclear-related economic and financial sanctions, and the United States will also stop implementation of its nuclear-related financial and economic sanctions simultaneous with the implementation of Iran's major nuclear undertakings in a way that they are verified by the IAEA," Zarif explained.

"Iran's nuclear program will continue, but we will adopt measures to build confidence at international level."

Zarif hopes all P5+1 countries will act in good faith. Iran absolutely will honor its commitments, he said.

Iran's Defense Minister General Hossein Dehqan called reports about Lausanne negotiators agreeing to let IAEA inspectors monitor military sites a "lie."

"No such agreement has been made. Principally speaking, visiting military centers is among our redlines and no such visit will be accepted," he stressed.

He rejected false media reports claiming otherwise. Basij (volunteer) Force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi expressed concern about public US statements contradicting agreed on framework terms.

"They show the United States strong grudge against the Iranians and proved that the US officials are liars and untrustworthy."

After exhausting talks and agreement reached, "the US president and other officials now deny the principal agreements and present opposing interpretations." he added.

It shows what enormous obstacles Iran faces ahead - toward reaching a final deal and enforcement of terms agreed on.

Washington's word isn't its bond. It notoriously says one thing and does another. 

It's hard imagining treating Iran honorably and fairly after 36 years of intense hostility - especially with straightaway false US interpretations of agreed on framework terms and unrelenting Iran bashing.

Nothing agreed on prevents Tehran from using IR-8 advanced centrifuges once final deal terms are consummated.

Not according to anti-Iranian media reports - falsely claiming their use breaches Lausanne’s framework agreement.

Hyping the bogus accusation that they accelerate Tehran's path to the bomb. They enrich uranium multiple times faster than less advanced machines.

Iran's nuclear chief Salehi said Tehran might release a fact sheet on Lausanne terms agreed on setting the record straight - countering false propaganda now circulating.

He called Washington's so-called fact sheet a mixture of factual and fabricated information and interpretation of agreed on terms.

Iranian lawmaker Gholam-Ali Jafarzade called releasing an accurate fact sheet important to do - so Iranians and others know precisely what was agreed on.

Regardless of Tehran's good faith, expect intense bashing to continue. Expect Big Lies to persist. Expect Western and Israel media scoundrels to proliferate them. 

Expect Iranophobia to persist. Expect anti-Iranian interests to go all-out to undermine reaching final agreement terms. 

Expect continued efforts to marginalize, denigrate, isolate, and weaken Iran. Expect business as usual like always.

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