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Thousands Demand Netanyahu's Arrest for War Crimes

Thousands Demand Netanyahu’s Arrest for War Crimes

by Stephen Lendman

He’s one of thousands of current and earlier Israeli officials guilty of high crimes against peace too horrific to ignore.

Israeli criminality is longstanding - begun well before the Jewish state’s establishment. In 1946, Irgun and Lehi terrorists jointly attacked the King David Hotel - killing scores, injuring many more. 

David Ben-Gurion approved the massacre. Menachem Begin led it. Yitzhak Shamir was involved - three future Israeli prime ministers. In April 1948, they committed Deir Yassin mass murder. An eyewitness described the horror as follows:

“I was (there) when the Jews attacked. (They) closed on the village amid exchanges of fire with us. Once they entered the village, fighting became very heavy in the eastern side and later it spread to other parts, to the quarry, to the village center until it reached the western edge.”

“The Jews used all sorts of automatic weapons, tanks, missiles, cannons. They enter(ed) houses and kill(ed) women and children indiscriminately. (Village) youths...fought bravely.”

“We had no aid or support...They took about 40 prisoners...After the battle was over, they took them to the quarry where they shot them dead and threw their bodies in the quarry...They took (other) prisoners and killed them...They killed the youths.”

Other accounts spoke of shootings, bombs exploding and a mother being killed with her husband, son and brother. A nurse was shot dead as well as the daughter of a friend and her baby.

“Whoever tried to run away was shot dead.” It was cold-blooded murder. After the battle, “the Jews took elderly men and women and youths, including four of my cousins and a nephew. They took them all.”

“Women who had on them gold and money, were stripped of (it). After the Jews removed their dead and wounded, they took the men to the quarry and sprayed them all with bullets.”

One woman watched her son shot to death. “They later poured kerosene on his body and” burned it.

Deir Yassin and dozens of other massacres removed Palestinians for Jews. Israeli “War of Independence” forces committed massive ethnic cleansing and genocidal slaughter. Palestinians commemorate the Nakba. Words can't explain the horror.

Israel’s entire history is blood-drenched - responsible for virtually every kind of criminal atrocity imaginable. Netanyahu is the latest in a long line of rogue leaders, the worst of the bunch - fascist, racist, exceeding Sharonian evil.

In September, he’ll visit London to meet with David Cameron. They’ll discuss the Iran nuclear deal and other regional issues ahead of his scheduled October 1 UN General Assembly address in New York.

In July, he publicly rebuked UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond for agreeing to the Iran nuclear deal - calling it a “failure of diplomacy.” His reproach followed Hammond saying “Israel doesn’t want any deal with Iran. (It prefers) a permanent…standoff.”

Netanyahu is a world-class thug, a war criminal multiple times over. More than 60,000 Brits signed a petition (many more daily) calling for his arrest on arrival in London for mass slaughtering defenseless Gazans during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge - cold, calculated, premeditated naked aggression, the highest of high crimes wrongfully blamed on Hamas.

The petition posted on the UK parliament web site states:


UK Government and Parliament

Benjamin Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes when he arrives in London

Benjamin Netanyahu is to hold talks in London this September. Under international law he should be arrested for war crimes upon arrival in the UK for the massacre of over 2000 civilians in 2014

Sign this petition

60,730 signatures

Government responds to all petitions that get more than 10,000 signatures

Waiting for 7 days for a government response

At 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament

Sign the petition if you’re a UK citizen or resident. (Others aren’t eligible). Demand Netanyahu’s arrest, detention and prosecution. Repeat the process for Obama, Bush and top officials in their administrations.

Aim for millions of signatures. Demand accountability. Resist endless US-led NATO/Israeli wars of aggression. Save humanity from possible nuclear annhilation.

In January, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) set its Doomsday Clock at 3 minutes to midnight - the first time at this dangerous level since 1983. It warned of “extraordinary and undeniable threats to the continued existence of humanity.”

The risk of possible nuclear war is perhaps greater than ever. Lunatics in Washington and Israel make the unthinkable possible. Act now before it’s too late!!

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