Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Big Lies About Russia's Involvement in Syria

Big Lies About Russia’s Involvement in Syria

by Stephen Lendman

Western media wage systematic war on truth. They’re a lying machine for wealth, power and privilege, supporting what demands condemnation, featuring daily vicious anti-Russian propaganda, notably now related to Syria.

Allegations of Russian troops and warplanes aiding Assad are baseless. Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis suggested Moscow may have in mind an air base near Latakia.

“No such plans” exist said First Deputy Chief of General Staff, Nikolay Bogdanovsky. Syrian ambassador to Russia, Riad Haddad, called accusations of Moscow’s military involvement  “lies…spread by Western countries, (mainly) the United States.”

Syria and Russian have longstanding relations, cooperating with each other for decades. “(A)ll this is done in line with agreements sealed between (both) countries,” Haddad explained.

Russian military personnel in Syria are “advisors,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stressed. They “provide training in the use of the arriving equipment.”

Washington and other nations providing military hardware and technology do the same thing, training customers how to operate what’s supplied. It’s standard practice.

Putin explained Russia supplies Syria with “equipment, personnel training and armaments,” fulfilling contractual obligations, in full compliance with international law.

Sergey Lavrov said Moscow aids Syria in its struggle to defeat Islamic State terrorism. It “neither represents Islam, nor happens to be a state,” he explained.

Washington and supportive media take every opportunity to bash Russia. When reasons don’t exist they’re invented. Shameless lies proliferate, absent any corroborating truth.

The issue is denigrating a proud independent country, a leading proponent of peace, a fierce opponent of meddling in the internal affairs of other countries, staunchly supporting multi-world polarity - polar opposite Washington’s imperial agenda in all respects.

The New York Times features near-daily anti-Russian bashing, currently focusing on Syria - the latest claiming a “sharply increased…number of combat aircraft, despite no evidence of any deployed on Syrian territory.

An unnamed “senior United States official” is cited as the source - The Times claiming “little doubt about Moscow’s goal to establish a military outpost in the Middle East.” It said “Predator-like surveillance drones are being used” - again no verifiable evidence cited.

There’s more, including alleged Hind attack helicopters, T-90 tanks “and more than 500 marines.” The same anonymous US official said “(t)he equipment and personnel just keep flowing in” - again, despite no evidence proving it. None exists.

On Monday, State Department spokesman Admiral John Kirby called Assad a “magnet for extremists inside Syria,” ignoring Washington’s responsibility for importing them, using them as proxy foot soldiers, The New York Times and other irresponsible US media suppressing what’s going on.

The Wall Street Journal spreads similar misinformation and Big Lies - on Monday headlining “Russia, Iran Seen Coordinating on Defense of Assad Regime in Syria,” saying:

Both countries “stepped up coordination inside Syria as they move to safeguard President Bashar al-Assad’s control over his coastal stronghold” - citing unnamed US and Middle East sources, claiming meetings between Syrian officials and their Russian and Iranian counterparts means they’re up to no good, ignoring Washington’s responsibility for endless regional wars.

They rage with full Western scoundrel media support, blaming victims for US-led high crimes.

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