Saturday, September 26, 2015

Martin Dempsey: Warrior General Retires

Martin Dempsey: Warrior General Retires

by Stephen Lendman

Friday, September 25, was Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey’s last active duty day. In one capacity or another, he had command responsibility in all US post-9/11 wars of aggression.

He’s no hero. He’s responsible for mass slaughter and destruction in multiple war theaters, conflicts raging as he steps down - Marine General Joseph Francis (Fighting Joe) Dunford replacing him, charged with keeping America in a permanent state of war, avoiding peace and stability at all costs.

Obama calling Dempsey a “singular leader” with a “steady hand during unsteady times” conceals his involvement in America’s destructive imperial agenda - waging one premeditated war after another, ruthlessly destroying nations threatening no others, recklessly challenging Russia and China, risking possible WW III.

Demsey said “(i)t was humbling to accept this job four years ago, and it’s humbling to relinquish it today.” As commander-in-chief, Obama ignored his personal responsibility for endless wars, the horrors of naked aggression, praising Dempsey undeservedly, calling him “one of the finest men” he knows - “lead(ing) the greatest fighting force the world has ever known,” for sure the most ruthlessly destructive.

Dempsey lied calling “(o)ur nation and its armed forces…the world’s foremost symbols of strength, of hope, and of freedom” - polar opposite reality.

No country in world history caused more harm to more people than America, none more committed to endless wars of aggression, none more ruthlessly pursuing policies threatening humanity’s survival.

New Joint Chiefs Chairman General Joseph Dunford earned the nickname “Fighting Joe” as a Regimental Combat Team 5 commander during Bush’s Iraq war - a ruthless genocidal campaign, destroying the cradle of civilization, murdering millions of Iraqis still dying today, endless violence still raging, America’s legacy wherever it shows up.

Dempsey’s final instruction before stepping down was prepare for a long war - “prolonged campaigns (not) resolved quickly,” he said. Expect Dunford to pursue it no-holds-barred throughout his tenure as new joint chiefs chairman.

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