Wednesday, September 02, 2015

New Israeli Police State Measure

New Israeli Police State Measure

by Stephen Lendman

Israel is a racist police state - run by criminal thugs. Numerous earlier measures violated the letter and spirit of fundamental international humanitarian laws.

Justice Minister Ayelet (“little snakes”) Shaked heads the Israeli Legislation Ministerial Committee. It drafted the new police state measure - solely targeting Palestinians despite claims otherwise.

It broadens the definition of terrorism, related activities and terrorist organizations - to more severely brutalize Palestinians than already, for political reasons, not criminality.

It mandates longer prison terms and stiffer conditions for releasing detainees. Israel’s definition of “terrorism” is any Palestinian protesting for international law guaranteed rights everyone deserves.

The measure is expected to pass its first reading straightaway - even though Knesset members got no time to review its provisions.

Israel’s phony pretext was the firebombing of the Dawabsha family home. Responsible extremist settlers have yet to be identified and held accountable, weeks after the July 31 attack - immolating 18-month-old Ali, later claiming his father’s life, too badly burned to be saved.

Senior opposition Zionist Union party members support Netanyahu’s coalition government bill. An unnamed one said “(h)ow could we explain to the public that we voted against a comprehensive, updated bill whose purpose is fighting terror.”

US-led NATO and Israeli war on terror are complete fabrications, justifying a war OF terror on humanity - in Israel’s case, brutally terrorizing millions of defenseless Palestinians, helpless against its killing machine.

Left-of-center Meretz party leader Zahava Gal-on strongly opposes the new measure, saying:

“Everyone wants to fight terrorism, but also when fighting terrorism it is forbidden to sacrifice basic values of state law and basic human rights.”

“It is unacceptable to anchor in legislation totalitarian powers such as administrative detentions and restraining orders, and use undemocratic means such as confidential information and confidential evidence.”

The new bill equates anyone allegedly intending terrorist acts with individuals or groups committing them. Punishment is doubled - up to 30 years imprisonment, even in cases where proof of intent is absent.

Anyone expressing support for freedom fighting groups involved in what Israel calls terrorist activity faces three years in prison for stating their views - including members of charitable organizations.

Anyone aged 12 or older can be prosecuted for anything Israel calls terrorism or terrorist related activity - including wearing a shirt or other garment bearing the name of a designated organization.

Mass surveillance and other police state practices are authorized - to monitor virtually everyone, mirroring NSA and other spy agencies in America.

Anti-terrorism legislation was introduced five years ago. The current measure is more draconian than earlier versions.

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