Friday, November 20, 2015

Hillary's Foreign Policy: Endless Wars of Aggression

Hillary’s Foreign Policy: Endless Wars of Aggression

by Stephen Lendman

A Clinton presidency would be disastrous for America and humanity. She represents pure evil - the most reckless and ruthless of all current aspirants - a rogue actor on steroids, a real threat to world peace and stability.

The late historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. once called the New York-based Council for Foreign Relations (CFR) a “front organization (for) the heart of the American establishment.” It publishes only what it wishes the public to know.

It was Clinton’s venue for her Thursday foreign policy address, focusing on the Middle East, advocating escalated US military intervention, a reckless jingoistic proposal risking direct confrontation with Russia, possible WW III - using US-created ISIS and so-called “radical jihadism” as the pretext for her advocacy.

She called for America to lead “a worldwide fight…It’s time to begin a new phase and intensify and broaden our efforts,” she said. Assad is a vital part of the solution in Syria. She called him the problem, urging the  deployment of greater numbers of US special forces, invading Syria lawlessly without Security Council authorization.

She urged establishing no-fly and safe ground zones, lawless if implemented on and over sovereign Syrian territory, acts of war along with Washington’s illegal bombing campaign - directly challenging Russian control of all Syrian airspace, authorized by its government.

She wants America’s bombing campaign escalated - solely targeting Syrian infrastructure and government targets, not ISIS or other terrorists as claimed. She supports stemming the human refugee flood to Europe by keeping them in US-established internal “safe areas.”

She disgracefully called popularly reelected Bashar al-Assad “a vicious dictator,” blasting Russia and Iran for responsibly supporting him - at the same time, ignoring Obama’s aggression, affecting the entire Syrian population, using ISIS and other takfiri terrorists as proxy foot soldiers.

She outrageously accused Putin of “making things somewhat worse” - arrogantly stressing “no alternative to a political transition” excluding Assad, ignoring his popular mandate.

She wants other regional nations joining more forcefully with Washington in the fight to replace his legitimate government with a US-controlled puppet regime.

She blasted Iran, calling its government a regional “threat,” saying the Islamic Republic and ISIS represent equal challenges, wanting Iranian sovereignty eliminated like Syria’s.

She urges greater Israeli involvement in helping Washington establish unchallenged Middle East control. She wants “an updated authorization to use military force” (AUMF) for unlimited, unrestrained preemptive war.

“The time for delay is over,” she blustered. “We should get this done.” She wants Washington “go(ing) after terrorists wherever they” are - code language for endless wars of aggression against humanity in the name of fighting a US-created terrorist threat, as well as assaulting the remnants of homeland freedom, eliminating them altogether on the pretext of protecting national security.

“(E)very pillar of American power” should be used, she ranted. A  Clinton presidency would be  nightmarish for Americans, world peace and humanity, assuring endless wars of aggression and likely full-blown homeland tyranny.

It bears repeating. Her agenda is pure evil, combining the worst of Bush and Obama, representing America’s permanent war agenda and its profiteering beneficiaries - a real threat to humanity’s survival.

A Final Comment

Clinton’s candidacy is symptomatic of longstanding US rogue state policy, intolerant of democracy at home and abroad, committed to endless wars of aggression for unchallenged global dominance, risking humanity’s survival to achieve its objectives.

No matter who succeeds Obama in January 2017, the same pure evil agenda will continue. The only solution is popular nonviolent revolution. Nothing else can work. Voting is a waste of time.

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