Monday, November 09, 2015

NYT Fears Greater Putin Resolve Against Terrorism

NYT Fears Greater Putin Resolve Against Terrorism

By Stephen Lendman

The Times is a US administration/Pentagon house organ, featuring press release journalism, a voice for wealth, power and privilege exclusively.

It’s a leading Putin critic - maliciously bashing him irresponsibly, substituting misinformation and Big Lies for legitimate reporting and opinion.

It fears evidence showing terrorism responsible for downing Russia’s Metrojet airliner (yet to be proved or disproved) may steel Putin’s resolve for greater efforts to defeat it - involving him more in Middle East affairs, challenging Washington imperial agenda effectively for the first time in memory.

Putin’s campaign has multiple objectives, including:

  • defeating ISIS and other terrorists in Syria;

  • perhaps extending the campaign to parts or all of Iraq, dependent on an official Baghdad request for help perhaps coming;

  • stopping the spread of terrorism to Central Asia and Russia;

  • preserving Syrian sovereignty, including supporting the right of its people alone to decide who’ll lead them; and

  • directly challenging Washington’s hegemonic agenda with a formidable display of military might, showing it’s a superpower to be reckoned with, not about to be intimidated by US threats.

The Times fears Putin is effectively courting US Arab allies, especially Egypt and Saudi Arabia, perhaps heading toward replacing Obama as the region’s kingmaker.

US post-9/11 policies created a Middle East, North Africa, Afghan disaster. America is the problem, not the solution to resolving it, Russia perhaps increasingly seen as a reliable partner along with China. Their agenda is cooperative, not exploitive.

The Times quoted anti-Putin commentators, none supporting him. Columnist Vladimir Frolov said “Russia’s current strategy cannot defeat the Islamic State.”

Separately in his own column, he  claimed Putin seeks “a quick exit from Syria…before (its) army’s offensive stalls and Russia’s key (regional) ally is exposed as a spent force.”

He misreads a resolute leader, ludicrously saying he wants out before “the going gets tough” - ignoring his devastatingly effective campaign, battering ISIS and other terrorists, weakening them noticeably.

Analyst Alexei Makarkin was cited suggesting as evidence grows showing the effectiveness of Putin’s campaign, the more “strained” Russia’s relations “with the West” will become.

With Washington for sure, not likely European countries, straining to cope with the human, war-caused, refugee flood - knowing the only way to stop it is by defeating terrorism and ending ongoing conflicts, opposite of America’s agenda, wanting permanent violence and chaos.

Putin critic Stanislav Belkovsky was cited, absurdly claiming he intervened in Syria to advance his geopolitical ambitions.

Editor Mazim Trudolyubov said he’ll “have to reverse cause and effect…so (his) strategy is not seen as leading to civilian deaths.”

Video evidence of all Russian airstrikes shows only ISIS and other terrorist targets struck, no civilian ones. Claims otherwise are fabricated, part of longstanding anti-Russian propaganda.

The Times mocked clear evidence showing Washington’s responsibility for creating ISIS and other terrorist groups to advance its imperial agenda.

Regardless of what caused the Metrojet crash, Putin remains committed to defeating the scourge of terrorism and prevent its spread, especially to Russia.

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