Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Targeting Israeli Officials: Spanish Warrants Issued

Targeting Israeli Officials: Spanish Warrants Issued

by Stephen Lendman

The Middle East Monitor (MEM) reported arrest warrants issued by Spain’s Supreme Court for Netanyahu and other top Israeli officials - complicit in the May 2010 Mavi Marmara humanitarian mission to Gaza massacre.

Israeli commandos murdered 10 individually selected Turkish activists on board, one succumbing in May 2014 after being in a coma for four years. 

Many others on board were brutalized - the incident happening in international waters, Israel so far remaining unaccountable for one of its many high crimes.

Arrest warrants were issued for Netanyahu and former top officials Ehud Barak (a former prime minister), Avigdor Lieberman, Eli Yishai and Benny Begin (former prime minister Menachem Begin’s son) - as well as current defense minister Moshe Ya’alon and Israeli Navy commander Eliezer Marom.

MEM cited the YaniSafak web site, saying Spain’s High Court found “Netanyahu and six other senior officials guilty of crimes against humanity for their role in” attacking a nonthreatening vessel in international waters.

Spanish activists were on board. An investigation was initiated after they filed a criminal complaint. In June, a lower Spanish court dismissed the case.

Supreme Court justices overruled it. Defendant names were sent to Spanish police, a legal process begun to issue an international Interpol “red notice” for their arrest.

Police use eight-type international alerts to communicate information about crimes. Red notices are the closest thing to an international arrest warrant.

Don’t expect imminent arrests of Netanyahu or other Israeli  officials if they travel abroad. The importance of the warrant shows a high Western court recognizes the severity of their crimes.

Call it a shot across the bow - along with BDS activism and courageous Palestinian resistance, chipping away slowly at Israeli impregnability, perhaps one day able to break through significantly, punishing a rogue regime harshly. 

On Monday, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Palestine, Makarim Wibisono, blasted “excessive use of force by Israeli forces against Palestinians” - including “summary executions,” defenseless civilians murdered in cold blood.

UN experts urge what’s not likely to happen - “independent, thorough, prompt and impartial investigations into all suspected cases of extrajudicial, arbitrary and summary executions, and… compensation (provided) to victims and their families.”

They stopped short of demanding Israel be held accountable for cold-blooded murder, video evidence and/or eyewitness testimonies documenting numerous incidents.

Until rogue states are made to pay for their high crimes, they’ll continue without letup - America and Israel most culpable, both representing pure evil.

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