Monday, November 09, 2015

US Increasing Troop Strength in Europe

US Increasing Troop Strength in Europe

by Stephen Lendman

US policies are consistent, the greatest ever threat to world peace and stability, verboten notions, endless wars prioritized.

On November 8, the Wall Street Journal headlined “US Military Officials Aim to Bolster Troop Presence in Europe” - to deter a nonexistent Russian threat.

Pentagon commanders “proposed sending more forces into Europe on a rotating basis to build up the American presence and are stepping up training exercises to counter potential Russian interference with troop transfers in the event of a crisis with Moscow,” said the Journal.

Hyping a nonexistent Russian threat combined with provocative actions risk direct East-West confrontation. NATO commander General Philip Breedlove said decisions on greater US troop deployments will be made “in the next couple of months.”

Army chief of staff General Mark Milley said training is focusing on countering (nonexistent) Russian threats. “Aggression left unanswered is likely to lead to more aggression,” he blustered.

The only examples ongoing and perhaps planned are US-led NATO and Israeli initiated. Russia, China and Iran threaten no one. Moscow justifiably accuses Washington of being an aggressor nation - in the Middle East, Europe and elsewhere.

“NATO countries are discussing increasing the number of troops stationed in members bordering Russia and putting them under formal alliance command,” said the Journal. 

“The next talks on that idea are likely to come in early December, when foreign ministers gather and begin discussing proposals to be formalized at a Warsaw summit in July.”

DOD officials and Pentagon commanders are especially hawkish. Russia bashing continues unabated. Breedlove claims cooperating with Moscow diplomatically means accepting its agenda in Ukraine.

For Breedlove, it’s aggressive. Clear evidence shows it’s all-out efforts for diplomatic conflict resolution, polar opposite US policy.

Breedlove is part of America’s lunatic fringe, a dangerous gunslinger, recklessly heading toward challenging Russia belligerently, risking possible nuclear war along with his like-minded hotheads. 

The Journal cited unnamed Navy officials, saying Russia’s increasing military modernization and strength aims “make US steps to reinforce European defenses more difficult. Russian submarine patrols and exercises have increased dramatically.”

Its “increasing what military leaders call anti-access, area denial forces - air defense systems, surface-to-surface missiles, antiship weaponry -that can be used to keep opposing military equipment at arm’s length.”

Moscow understands Washington’s hostile policy, especially displaying military strength on its borders, a reckless provocative act, forcing it to act defensively.

According to Breedlove, Russia responsibly protecting its homeland means America may “have to fight our way across the Atlantic.”

Expect lots more talk ahead about needing to “deter Russian aggression.” None whatever exists. Responsible media sources would explain it. Presstitutes feature misinformation and Big Lies, instead of explaining what’s vital to know.

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