Saturday, December 05, 2015

Israel Murdered 114 Palestinians Since October 1

Israel Murdered 114 Palestinians Since October 1

by Stephen Lendman

Israeli cold-blooded murders continue, on average nearly twice daily, defenseless Palestinians victimized - terrorized by one of the world’s most ruthless regimes.

27-year-old Abdul-Rahman Wajeeh Barghouthi, a US citizen, was the latest victim, gunned down by Israeli soldiers.

Eyewitnesses said he was heading home after visiting his fiancee in Deir Ghassana village. After murdering him in cold blood, they saw soldiers place a knife next to his body - to hype another phony Palestinian knife-wielding attack.

Eyewitnesses and video evidence revealed numerous instances of soldiers or police planting knives by the bodies of murdered Palestinians - falsely claiming their lives were threatened.

Since October 1, Palestine’s Health Ministry said Israeli security forces injured over 13,500 Palestinian victims, many seriously - nearly 5,000 from live fire. Mass slaughter continues, virtually ignored by Western leaders and media, one-sidedly supporting Israel no matter how heinous its crimes.

US presidential aspirant Donald Trump intends visiting Israel to meet with Netanyahu soon. He calls himself “very, very pro-Israel,” suggesting an administration he’d like to head would operate as ruthlessly - featuring endless imperial wars, continuing aggression Bush and Obama began.

He calls Israel America’s best friend, says everything should be done to protect its security despite its no known enemies. 

It’s the cornerstone of US regional policy, he maintains. He disgracefully bashed the Iran nuclear deal, lied calling Tehran an “existential threat” to Israel, praised Netanyahu, an unindicted war criminal, said he’s “a great guy…a good man…a winner.” 

He ignored his premeditated summer 2014 Gaza aggression, regular air attacks and ground incursions, the illegal blockade, as well as vicious ongoing daily brutality against defenseless Palestinian civilians - murdering, injuring and mass arresting them, terrorizing their communities.

Neocon Jeb Bush promised extrajudicial war on BDS if elected president, saying “(o)n day one I will work with the next attorney general to stop the BDS movement in the United States, to use whatever resources that exist” - regardless of how illegal he omitted explaining.

He ignored the Supreme Court’s 1982 NAACP v Claiborne Hardware Co. ruling - calling political and civil rights boycotts “constitutionally protected activity,” guaranteed under the First Amendment, affirming free expression, the most fundamental of all rights. No others are safe without it.

Bush is over-the-top like his brother, equating ISIS terrorism with Palestinians killing a US teenager last month in the West Bank - ignoring systematic daily Israeli state terror throughout the Occupied Territories.

In July, Hillary Clinton expressed alarm about BDS activism, saying “leaders and communities across America can work together” against it. “From Congress and state legislatures to boardrooms and classrooms, we need to engage all people of good faith (to explain) why the BDS campaign (seeks to) punish” Israel. 

“(P)eople of good faith” want its officials held fully accountable for their high crimes. Clinton, like other past and current US officials lied, calling Israel “a vibrant democracy…fac(ing) existential threats to its survival.

It’s a fascist police state, enforcing apartheid worse than South Africa’s. Its only enemies are phantom ones it invents. It’s had no real ones in over 40 years.

Clinton’s emails show she’s been virulently anti-BDS, anti-Palestinian liberation for years. All US presidential aspirants one-sidedly support Israel.

None give a damn about fundamental Palestinian rights, equating their courageous resistance with terrorism, calling Israeli state terrorism self-defense.

Nations mass murdering and brutalizing people they control are guilty of the highest high crimes - none graver than genocide, Israeli policy for nearly seven decades, supported and encouraged by Washington.

Billions of dollars in annual military and other aid speak for themselves. US contempt for Palestinian rights is obvious.

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