Friday, December 04, 2015

Kerry in Belgrade

Kerry in Belgrade

by Stephen Lendman

Kerry is Washington’s diplomatic war on humanity front man, involving endless US aggression against one country after another - raping every nation targeted, preventing world peace and stability.

On Thursday, he addressed the OSCE Ministerial Meeting in Belgrade, repeating one Big Lie after another. “We are determined together to defeat Daesh,” he blustered. “We have to defeat Daesh. There’s no negotiation. There’s nothing to negotiate about with people who” commit heinous crimes.

Fact: Washington created ISIS, Al Qaeda, Jabhat al-Nusra and various splinter groups - using them as imperial foot soldiers in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere.

Fact: Its alleged campaign to degrade and defeat their forces is a complete fabrication - a scam on people everywhere wanting to live free in peace.

Fact: The obvious way to defeat ISIS and other terrorist groups is avoided: Stop supporting them. End US-led Western and regional aid, their lifeline. End US imperial wars. Declare peace.

Kerry’s claim about US-led “progress in building a Europe and a Eurasia that are whole, free and at peace” is polar opposite Washington’s imperial agenda - waging endless wars of aggression, ravaging and destroying one country after another. 

America by far is the greatest threat to world peace, security and humanity’s survival. Kerry promotes its criminal scheme to oust Assad, absurdly claiming defeating ISIS depends on it, saying with him gone, it can be accomplished “in a matter of literally months.”

Fact: He’s key along with Putin’s commitment to defeat ISIS - US support the main obstacle.

Fact: Washington’s peace plan is escalated war, ISIS and other terrorist foot soldiers used to advance its imperium.

Obama launched proxy war on Syria nearly five years ago, expecting an easy victory like against Libya’s Gaddafi.

He bears full responsibility for transforming both countries into endless cauldrons of violence and chaos, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths, vast destruction, and millions displaced internally and externally.

It bears repeating. Kerry’s solution to ending carnage is escalated war, hinting at US-led ground force intervention, so far only with apparent small numbers of CIA and special forces operating covertly.

Washington wants war, not peace, hugely challenged by Russia’s effective intervention, waging real war on terrorism - combating the elements America supports. 

US policymakers are desperate to find a Plan B, why Britain and now Germany got involved, following increased French airstrikes - solely hitting infrastructure and government targets, not ISIS and other takfiris, replicating America’s campaign, on the phony pretext of combating terrorism.

Peace depends on world unity against Washington’s imperial agenda. Survival depends on it.

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