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US and Rogue Allies Wage Naked Aggression on Humanity

US and Rogue Allies Wage Naked Aggression on Humanity

by Stephen Lendman

No nation in world history threatens humanity’s survival more than America - a rogue state masquerading as a democracy, controlled by powerful monied interests, profiting hugely from endless wars of aggression, all based on Big Lies.

America hasn’t waged a legal war since WW II. Today it manufactures fear to enlist public support for what demands condemnation and rejection - Paris and San Bernardino incidents the latest examples, straightaway called terrorist acts, true or false.

Once more information is known to understand what happened and why, the damage is done. People are convinced to sacrifice freedom for alleged security not gotten - as well as support (pre-planned) wars on the phony pretext of fighting terrorism.

No matter how many times they were fooled before, they’re easy marks to be duped again - proving major media proliferated propaganda works every time. These sources are agents of imperial lawlessness, complicit with high crimes of state.

The best known and followed ones are the worst - notably The New York Times, other major broadsheets, BBC, Al Jazeera, cable TV as well as US public radio and broadcasting.

They’re most responsible for creating a nation of morons, mindless of major ongoing issues, harming their lives, welfare, self-interest, security and futures.

Even millions distrustful of governments do nothing to change things, instead of realizing elections change nothing. They’re rigged to assure business as usual always wins.

Washington bullies, pressures and bribes other nations to join its so-called coalitions of the willing - waging naked aggression against one country after another, escalated US-led wars on Iraq and Syria the latest examples.

It bears repeating: on the phony pretext of combating terrorism. America created ISIS and other groups as imperial foot soldiers. 

US policymakers repeatedly without just cause attack and invade other countries preemptively - waging naked aggression against nations threatening no others, acting without Security Council or congressional authorization every time.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi denounced Obama’s decision to invade his country again - thousands of US special forces involved, more coming, along with aerial operations bombing infrastructure and government targets, aiding and abetting ISIS and other terrorist groups - on the phony pretext of combating them.

Iraq “consider(s) any country sending ground combat forces a hostile act and will deal with it on this basis,” Al-Abadi said on Thursday.

“I did not ask any country to send foreign ground troops,” he stressed. “The Iraqi government confirms its firm and categorical rejection of any action of this kind issued by any country (that) violates our national sovereignty…”

No foreign nation may “undertake any activity without approval of the Iraqi government and under full Iraqi sovereignty.” 

Baghdad requested no foreign government “send ground forces” to help fight terrorism. Obama deployed thousands of US special forces after pledging no “boots on the ground” - one of his many Big Lies.

In October, Iraq’s ruling coalition asked Al-Abadi to enlist Russian aerial support in combating ISIS and other terrorist groups - criticizing US-led coalition efforts, aiding, not fighting this scourge.

Iraqi State of Law Coalition member Al-Matlabi said public sentiment “favor(s) Russian involvement because it has been over a year and a half now and ISIS has flourished in Iraq under the American airstrikes” - accomplishing nothing to defeat its forces. 

“One could question the honesty and integrity of the US airstrikes.” Russia’s aerial campaign in Syria “proved quite efficient in destroying (terrorist) bases ...”

Earlier Al-Abadi said he’d “welcome” Russian air support - stressing if offered he’d seriously consider it. America’s campaign shows no intent to combat the scourge devastating Iraq.

Russia said it’s willing to intervene if requested. Defeating ISIS and other terrorist groups requires borderless war - provided undertaken in full compliance with international law, how Moscow scrupulously operates, polar opposite US lawlessness.

Turkish forces complicit with Washington now operate illegally in northern Iraq. Baghdad demands they leave, a Foreign Ministry statement saying a “regiment” of troops, tanks and artillery entered northern Nineveh areas illegally - “without the request or authorization from the Iraqi federal authorities.”

Their presence is a “serious breach of Iraqi sovereignty.” Turkey undertakes no foreign military operations with Pentagon approval or complicity.

Ankara lied, claiming its forces are “training Iraqi troops.” They’re aiding and abetting ISIS and other terrorist groups - in Iraq and Syria, complicit with Washington, other NATO members and rogue Arab states.

Iraq has documented information on Turkey’s oil smuggling operations - refining and selling ISIS stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil on the black market to regional countries, notably Israel.

Washington is involved in all illicit regional activities connected to ISIS and other terrorist groups. It turns a blind eye to Turkey’s stolen oil operations.

It wants unchallenged regional dominance, complicit with Israel, waging endless wars of aggression to achieve its objective.

It risks direct confrontation with Russia. Moscow wants world peace and stability. Violence and chaos serve US objectives.

The risk of possible nuclear war is perhaps greater than any time since the end of WW II. World peace hangs in the balance.

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