Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Disgraceful Saudi Foreign Minister NYT Op-Ed

Disgraceful Saudi Foreign Minister NYT Op-Ed

by Stephen Lendman

Times editors notoriously give feature op-ed space to international criminals - instead of denouncing their high crimes.

Saudi Arabia has one of the world’s most despicable human and civil rights record. Despotism substitutes for democracy. 

So does supporting international terrorism - providing weapons, munitions and other aid to ISIS and likeminded groups.

Foreign Minister Adel Bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir vilified Iran irresponsibly. Times editors  gave him a platform to proliferate Big Lies.

He turned truth on its head, accusing Tehran of “dangerous sectarian and expansionist policies…support(ing) terrorism…leveling unsubstantiated charges against” Riyadh and committing “acts of aggression.”

Fact: Saudi Arabia is a monster regime, a force for pure evil, the epicenter of regionally-sponsored violence and chaos, supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups - fundamentally against peace and stability.

Fact: Iran is the region’s leading force for peace and stability, staunchly against terrorism, deploring war, wanting conflicts resolved diplomatically.

“(W)e know (Tehran doesn’t want) greater openness internally and better relations with neighboring countries and the world,” Al-Jubeir ranted irresponsibly.

Fact: Truth is polar opposite his Big Lie. Times editors gave him feature op-ed space to proliferate it.

Longstanding Iranian policy belies Al-Jubeir’s duplicitous accusations about the Islamic Republic “support(ing) violent extremist groups” and wanting its revolution “export(ed).”

He wrongfully accused Iran of decades of regional terrorism, ignoring the kingdom’s longstanding ruthless record, tolerating no criticism, supporting international terrorism, allied with Washington waging war without mercy on Yemen, wanting sovereign Syria ravaged and destroyed.

Al-Jubeir repeatedly lied throughout his op-ed rant, saying “Iran uses attacks on diplomatic sites as an instrument of its foreign policy…assassinat(ing) (f)oreign diplomats and domestic political opponents…around the world.”

Not a shred of evidence suggests it. Plenty shows Riyadh guilty of deplorable high crimes, including deliberately bombing Iran’s Yemen embassy, an act of war.

Irresponsibly claiming Tehran “is the single-most-belligerent-actor in the region, “help(ing) the Islamic State flourish” ignores longstanding Saudi state terrorism, its support for ISIS and likeminded groups, using its oil wealth to foster endless regional violence and turmoil, partnered with Washington and other rogue states.

Responsible editors wouldn’t touch Al-Jubeir’s rubbish. Times editors featured it - another example of its contempt for journalistic ethics, featuring managed news misinformation and Big Lies instead of hard truths.

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