Sunday, January 17, 2016

Two Palestinians Left to Die

Two Palestinians Left to Die

by Stephen Lendman

New examples of Israeli viciousness surface daily. Palestinians are fair game for unspeakable abuses, high crimes against humanity.

Last November, Israeli forces lawlessly arrested Palestinian journalist Mohammed Elqeiq violently. He committed no crimes. 

He was targeted for doing his job, reporting responsibly on horrific Israeli mistreatment of Palestinians. Rogue states want their high crimes suppressed.

He’s administratively detained uncharged and untried, close to death, hunger-striking for justice for 54 days - hospitalized in critical condition.

He’ll die without responsible intervention to save him - not forthcoming from Ofer prison military court, a viciously racist hanging tribunal like all Israeli military courts, consistently dispensing cruelty and injustice.

It rejected Elqeiq’s appeal through his lawyer to end his lawless detention - despite his life hanging by a thread.

Palestinian Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Qaraqe called rejecting his legitimate appeal “proves (Israel’s) intentions for revenge” against anyone exposing their mistreatment of Palestinians.

Thousands of Palestinian political prisoners languish in Israel’s gulag, one of the world’s worst, under deplorable conditions. 

During grueling interrogations before being administratively detained, Elqeiq was brutally tortured. Israel sentenced him to slow death.

Rihadh Dakhllah al-‘Amor is treated the same way by denying him vitally needed heart surgery to save him.

He’ll die without it - suffering greatly, slipping in and out of coma. He had open-heart surgery two years ago, a faulty pacemaker installed in an Israeli prison hospital, butchery by any standard, contemptuous of Palestinian well-being.

Replacement surgery is vital. Israel refuses. Al-Amor’s health deteriorated badly. In 2011, earlier Israeli malpractice occurred. The wrong medication given for his heart condition caused temporary paralysis.

He couldn’t walk or move easily for months. He’s separated from his wife and five children, their visitation rights severely restricted.

He’s serving multiple life prison terms unjustly. His health problems originated when Israeli soldiers preemptively shot him multiple times in the back. Part of his intestines and liver were removed.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Committee called on the ICRC to intervene in his behalf. Without urgent vital to life surgery, he’ll die. Israel’s denial condemned him to suffer and perish.

A Final Comment

From October 1, 2015 through January 15, Israel extrajudicially executed 158 defenseless Palestinian civilians - men, women, children and the elderly targeted for death.

Many thousands were injured, scores more daily, around 3,000 kidnapped and imprisoned for political reasons - 660 uncharged and untried.

Eighteen Israeli deaths were reported, only six by stabbing attacks, exposing the Big Lie about knife-toting Palestinian terrorists.

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