Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Assad's Remarks to Syria's Bar Association and Affiliated Councils

Assad’s Remarks to Syria’s Bar Association and Affiliated Councils

by Stephen Lendman

On Monday, he addressed their participating members. His remarks are always candid and straightforward, polar opposite Obama’s demagoguery.

He stressed the important role these organizations play in Syrian society, notably at a time of war, when it’s vital them to be involved in defending its sovereignty against US-sponsored aggression.

Fundamental rights according to law protect “the safety of society,” he noted. He explained the latest developments related to Syria’s crisis, the power of Western and regional rogue state propaganda facilitating it.

Earlier Syrian successes were “achieved because of our understanding on the political level” to confront things responsibly, he said. 

“(W)hen we we talk about the crisis…division(s) in political and media discourse…(contrast) patriotism and non-patriotism.”

“In other words, at the beginning of the crisis, when (voices) said (they were) against violence of the two sides, (they didn’t) differentiate between the concept of the state and the terrorists…duties of the state and the duties of the others, who bear weapons and who don’t, who has the right to shoot and who has not.”

“A lot of people had no distinction between the concept of the government and the state. The government is part of the state, but it is not the whole state.”

“So, we were unable to distinguish between opposing the state or opposing the government.”

“Any person has the right to oppose the government and its policies, call for changing the government or changing its policies, but, no one can change the State.” It’s there for all its people.

“Another point is differentiating between the State and the regime. Unfortunately, until now, the pro-state media or the pro-government media talk about the concept of regime and this is a dangerous issue.

“The word of regime, when used, is an insult, not only for the government, but…for the people.”

Demonstrators taking to the streets in early 2011 were paid protesters, Assad explained. Western and regional rogue state violence followed, using ISIS and other terrorists - creating the myth of anti-government moderates.

Five years of war devastated Syria, killed hundreds of thousands, displaced millions, destroyed much of its vital infrastructure, wrecked its economy.

US-led Western nations allied with rogue regional ones want Syria ravaged and destroyed, its sovereignty eliminated, Assad explained.

Russia’s intervention changed things, shifted the dynamic dramatically, saved Syria from becoming another US colony, its resources stolen, its people exploited.

War continues. Peace remains a convenient illusion, unattainable as long as US-led imperial forces continue using ISIS and other terrorist groups to do their dirty work.

Assad considers any individual, group or nation “bear(ing) weapons against the State, against the Syrian people (a) terrorist, and this is indisputable,” he stressed.

If Turkish or Saudi forces invade, they’ll be acting on orders from Washington, serving as “mere subordinates,” he added.

Syrians alone must decide their future, he stressed, free from foreign intervention or influence.

A long struggle lies ahead. The ordeal of millions of Syrians continues.

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