Friday, February 19, 2016

Military Solution Alone Can Save Syria

Military Solution Alone Can Save Syria

by Stephen Lendman

I'd love to be wrong. I see no evidence suggesting it. Diplomacy is futile without legitimate peace partners.

Syria and Russia have none - not America, its rogue Western or regional partners, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Obama launched war on Syria in March 2011 to oust its sitting government, eliminate its sovereign independence, install another pro-Western puppet regime, isolate Iran ahead of repeating the same process - endless wars for unchallenged US dominance.

Make no mistake. Washington’s rhetorical support for peace talks to end nearly five years of war in Syria is pure subterfuge. 

Its call for cessation of hostilities aims to get Russia to halt its effective war on terrorism - the key factor in rejuvenating Syrian forces, letting them retake lost territory, foiling America’s regional imperial agenda, essential for any future chance for peace.

Going along with any US proposed peace or other diplomatic initiative assures disaster. They’re advanced to be breached, to give America a one-sided advantage.

Its sordid history provides ample proof. Hegemons want things their way, forcing their will on other nations, waging war or ousting independent leaders by coups when other methods fail.

All US duopoly power presidential aspirants support the same ugly agenda - pax Americana, eliminating all independent governments, endless wars on humanity, not a peace candidate among them, willing to risk war on Russia and China to rule the world unchallenged.

When lunatics run the asylum, the worst of all outcomes is possible. America gives new meaning to rogue state terror. Peace and stability defeat its imperial agenda.

Endless wars further it. Inviolable rule of law principles are consistently breached. Hopefully Russia and Syria aren’t deceived by phony US overtures. Its agenda is pure evil. 

Humanity’s survival depends on contesting it. We have choices - freedom or fascism, peace or endless wars, liberation or enslavement.

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