Monday, February 01, 2016

NYT Endorses War Goddess/Wall Street Favorite Hillary Clinton for President

NYT Endorses War Goddess/Wall Street Favorite Hillary Clinton for President

by Stephen Lendman

The Times’ choice is unsurprising, a longstanding mouthpiece for wealth and power, supporting all US imperial wars, disdainful of peace, equity and justice.

Clinton arguably is the worst choice among a deplorable array of presidential aspirants - not a legitimate one in the bunch, none representing vital populist interests, all cut out of the same dirty cloth. 

Don’t let their deceptive rhetoric fool you. Campaign promises are meaningless, made to be broken, Clinton perhaps the most duplicitous and dangerous - a neocon masquerading as democratic. 

She represents Wall Street, other corporate favorites and war-profiteers, supporting permanent US naked aggression, perhaps more than ever on her watch if elected, maybe WW III.

She’s ideologically over-the-top - pro-war, pro-privilege, anti-populist, anti-labor, an unindicted war criminal belonging in prison, not high office. 

Times editors shamelessly called her “the most broadly and deeply qualified (aspirant) in modern history.” It’s hard believing rubbish this outlandish was approved for publication.

The entire array of Republican and Democrat candidates aren’t worthy of any public office at any level, let alone the nation’s highest.

They represent pure evil, America’s bipartisan criminal class, unprecedented gangsterism, waging endless war on humanity at home and abroad, terrorizing ordinary people worldwide, massacring them in cold blood.

All demand condemnation and rejection. Endorsing Clinton shows how low Times editors have sunk, backing an anti-populist, corporate shill war goddess, following three earlier endorsements - twice for the US Senate, in 2008 for president, “again (now) with confidence and enthusiasm,” they said, disdainful of popular interests and world peace.

Times editors lied, claiming Bernie Sanders “pushed (her) more to the left than she might have gone on economic issues,” along with “greater restraint in the use of military force.”

Both candidates represent money-controlled duopoly power, Sanders an independent socialist in name only, voting 98% of the time with Democrats, supporting their ruthless agenda, spurning peace and popular needs. Their disturbing records speak for themselves.

Times editors got it backwards, outrageously claiming Clinton “support(s) the well-being and rights of working Americans. (She) worked tirelessly for the nation’s benefit.” (She) brought her (nonexistent) star power (and) expertise to the table.”

She helped America “repair relations around the world.” No nation is more reviled and feared. None more threatens world peace. 

Clinton ignored popular rights and needs throughout her time in public office. No Republican or Democrat aspirant gives a damn about ordinary people, only wealth and power interests, America’s public and private criminal class running things.

Disturbing reality is polar opposite Times editors claiming “Hillary Clinton is the right choice for the Democrats to present a vision for America that is radically different from the one that leading Republican candidates offer - a vision in which middle-class Americans have a real shot at prosperity, women’s rights are enhanced, undocumented immigrants are given a chance at legitimacy, international alliances are nurtured and the country is kept safe.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. A Clinton presidency would be disastrous, the worst of all possible outcomes this November - assuring continuation of Washington’s pure evil agenda, likely taking it to a higher level, risking the end of life on earth.

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