Friday, February 12, 2016

Russia and Syria Foiling Washington's Regional Imperial Agenda

Russia and Syria Foiling Washington’s Regional Imperial Agenda

by Stephen Lendman

America’s best-laid plans aren’t working. Russian and Syrian military effectiveness is foiling them - wanting Syrian sovereignty eliminated to isolate Iran, plans made long ago to rape the Islamic Republic like other US targeted nations.

Obama, John Kerry and other US officials are frantic. They talk peace while waging war. Washington orchestrated farcical Geneva III peace talks to fail. 

Decisions reached Thursday in Munich by International Syrian Support Group (ISSG) members won’t fare better - aiming for a near-impossible ceasefire, despite Kerry’s duplicitous comments otherwise.

Russia is committed to defeating the scourge of terrorism in Syria, its aerial campaign to continue. It’s willing to aid other countries if requested by their governments.

Its operations fully comply with international law, polar opposite US viciousness, its endless war on humanity at home and abroad.

Military analyst Mohammad Farid Issa believes US-supported anti-Syrian terrorist groups are “completely on the defensive,” their supply routes from Turkey to strategically important Aleppo almost entirely severed.

Thousands of terrorist elements switched sides, now helping government forces “take control of Tal Rafat and Ezaz…block(ing) the passage…terrorists use for their logistics to lay siege on Aleppo city,” Issa explained.

Its liberation and surrounding areas loom, a major strategic victory when achieved, why Washington is so frantic to halt Russian airstrikes.

They continue unabated. Geneva and Munich discussions changed nothing. Sergey Lavrov explained Russia’s intentions going forward. 

So did Russian upper house Federation Council International Affairs Committee first deputy chairman Vladimir Dzhaborov, saying:

Despite diplomatic discussions and agreements, “Russia will continue its (aerial) counter-terror operation” against ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria, including “the routes…supply(ing) (them)  with ammunition, cargoes and manpower…”

Observing the so-called ceasefire agreed to in Munich “does not inspire much optimism” - nor should it given years of failure to resolve ongoing conflict diplomatically.

Liberating Syria requires eliminating US-supported terrorists. Fighting won’t end any time soon.

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