Thursday, February 18, 2016

Russia Opposes Merkel's Call for Imposing a No-Fly Zone over Northern Syria

Russia Opposes Merkel’s Call for Imposing a No-Fly Zone over Northern Syria

by Stephen Lendman

Germany is a NATO member, Chancellor Angela Merkel a close US ally, complicit in its imperial wars - naked aggression by any standard.

She shamelessly supports Erdogan’s scheme to annex part of northern Syria - on the phony pretext of stemming the human refugee flood into Turkey en route to Europe, ludicrously saying:

“In the current situation it would be helpful, if there could be such an area, where none of the parties are allowed to launch aerial attacks, that is to say, a kind of no-fly zone.”

Russia strongly opposes the idea, a lunatic scheme exacerbating the problem, not alleviating it.

On Thursday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded sharply, saying Merkel’s comments about imposing a no-fly zone aren’t “her idea.”

“They’re “not new.” Erdogan strongly urges it. Any international community proposal regarding Syria must be approved by Damascus. Otherwise it’s flagrantly illegal.

“No one cancelled the country’s sovereignty,” she stressed. “No one wants a Libyan scenario.” It’s US-led NATO bombing disaster needs no elaboration for anyone paying attention.

The former nation no longer exists. A failed state replaced it, devastated by endless violence, instability, chaos and human misery.

No-fly zone imposition over any part of Syria assures heading the country towards the same fate.

Likely foreign invasion would follow, maybe US-led NATO bombardment, turning remaining areas not already devastated to rubble, inflicting millions more casualties and displacements.

Syria remains a hugely dangerous flashpoint. Washington’s rage for unchallenged global dominance bears full responsibility. 

Escalating conflict more than already risks possible war with Russia, humanity’s survival up for grabs if launched.

Bipartisan lunatics infesting Washington make anything possible.

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