Sunday, February 28, 2016

Turkey Breaches Ceasefire in Syria

Turkey Breaches Ceasefire in Syria

by Stephen Lendman

Breaching the US/Russia brokered cessation of hostilities doesn’t surprise. Turkey began illegally shelling cross-border over two weeks ago.

Erdogan and his clown prince prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu ludicrously claim the right to attack Syrian territory and Kurdish YPG anti-terrorist freedom fighters to defend Turkish national security - naked aggression by any standard.

On Sunday, Russian Center for Truce in Syria head General Sergey Kuralenko said “(o)vernight (on) February 28, the Russian Center for reconciling the warring sides in Syria received information on an attack from the Turkish territory on the Syrian town of Et Tell el-Abyad by armed units with the support of large-caliber artillery.” 

“This information was subsequently verified and confirmed through several channels, including representatives of the Syrian Democratic Forces,” including Kurds, Arabs and other ethnic groups in the area.

Erdogan does nothing belligerent without US permission or complicity. Moscow demands an explanation from Washington about Turkey’s grave breach - continuing to shell Syrian positions in flagrant violation of cessation of hostilities terms.

Turkish military sources denied clear evidence of its aggression. Its regime continues harboring ISIS and other terrorists, giving them safe haven, arming them, letting them pass freely cross-border into Syria.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, scores of ISIS terrorists entered Syria from Turkey over the weekend. Kurdish YPG fighters successfully repelled them.

They regained control over more areas in Raqqa province, routing ISIS elements. Syrian ground forces maintain their advance on multiple fronts. 

Russian air power provides important support against all Security Council designated terrorist groups. The struggle to preserve Syrian sovereignty continues.

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