Friday, March 11, 2016

Anti-Trump Tactics Ahead of Key Match 15 Primaries

Anti-Trump Tactics Ahead of Key March 15 Primaries

by Stephen Lendman

If Trump sweeps Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio on March 15, the Republican race is over.

Polls show him ahead, narrowly in Ohio. Rubio and Kasich are set to drop out, leaving Trump and Cruz last candidates standing. 

Kasich perhaps will hang on a little longer if he surprises in Ohio - possible with Rubio camp reports about him urging Buckeye state supporters to back the Republican governor in his home state. 

Both candidates are way behind with virtually no chance to be Republican nominee, perhaps conspiring to undermine a possible Trump March 15 sweep - Cruz alone with a chance to catch up, depending on Tuesday’s primary results.

Republican delegates needed for nomination number 1,237. Trump so far has 459, Cruz 360, Rubio 152 and Kasich 54.

On Friday, Ben Carson endorsed Trump, calling him “very cerebral,” someone who “considers things carefully,” far different from his public persona and how media scoundrels portray him.

Polls show him consistently ahead, maintaining momentum, mudslinging having no negative effect.

Clinton has a lock on the Democrat party nomination, Sanders too far behind to catch up, barring an unprecedented turn of events.

Political campaigns are known for Hollywood-style endings. Dirty politics always prevails.

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