Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Dead-on-Arrival Syria Peace Talks Set for March 9

Dead-on-Arrival Syria Peace Talks Set for March 9

by Stephen Lendman

On Tuesday, pro-Western/anti-Syrian/US approved envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura announced the date.

He delayed it 48 hours from his earlier March 7 targeted beginning, saying it’s for “logistical and technical reasons and also for the (nonexistent) ceasefire to settle down” - with no further elaboration.

Originally scheduled for late January, a previous article said talks are orchestrated to fail - now like earlier. 

How can they succeed when one side wants war, when achieving peace and stability defeat Washington’s imperial agenda, when negotiating with terrorists comprising Riyadh’s so-called High Negotiations Committee (HNC) assures failure?

Successful talks depend on all sides wanting conflict resolution. Assad stressed his commitment numerous times. His objective is unattainable without legitimate peace partners. None exist.

The same holds for Russia. Washington undermined its years of forthright efforts to resolve Syria’s conflict responsibly.

Nothing suggests Obama transformed himself from aggressor to peacemaker. He’s committed to endless war, waging naked aggression in multiple theaters, wanting regime change in Syria, a US-controlled puppet replacing Assad.

Daily ceasefire violations continue, US-supported terrorists posing as nonexistent moderate rebels entirely responsible.

So is Turkey, continuing its lawless cross-border shelling, letting ISIS and other terrorists freely enter Syrian territory from safe havens it provides - supplying them with Saudi-paid for armaments and other material support.

Washington is the key belligerent. Obama launched war in March 2011 to eliminate another regional independent sovereign state. 

His objective remains unchanged. Full US support for ISIS and other terrorist groups continue.  

Conflict resolution remains unachievable - despite Russia’s best efforts and Assad’s commitment. 

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