Saturday, March 19, 2016

Farcical Syrian Peace Talks Reveal Intractable Differences

Farcical Syrian Peace Talks Reveal Intractable Differences

by Stephen Lendman

Five days of proximity talks accomplished nothing. Nor will five weeks or five months more. 

US/Saudi supported terrorist groups are involved, cold-blooded killers, committed to eliminating Syrian sovereignty, demanding regime change in violation of international law, ignoring Assad’s overwhelming popular mandate.

Syrians want no one else leading them. Washington wants its will imposed by force. 

Five years of US naked aggression using proxy ISIS and other terrorist group foot soldiers show Obama and whoever succeeds him intend pursuing America’s imperial agenda.

Raping Syria continues, talks an exercise in futility. On Friday, Syrian UN envoy/chief negotiator Bashar al-Jaafari demanded Western countries “stop interfering in (his country’s) internal affairs.”

Lawless sanctions imposed must be lifted, he said. He wants European embassies in Damascus reopened so Western nations can know “firsthand what is going on and not rely on opposition sources for their (mis)information.”

“Europe is guilty of many strategic mistakes,” he stressed, allying with Washington’s imperial agenda, embroiling the Middle East in endless conflict, responsible for millions of deaths and vast destruction.

Jaafari is a seasoned diplomat, a distinguished figure, fluent in Arabic, Farsi, English and French, a Ph.D in political science and history of Islamic civilization in Southeast Asia, author of five books - currently serving as Syria’s permanent UN envoy and chief Geneva III negotiator.

He minced no words saying there’s “outside interference in Syrian affairs. The latest events have confirmed our words to all those who doubted them.”

“There is trafficking of weapons across the Jordanian and Turkish border. There is…no doubt that there is terrorism that comes from outside, and funded from outside the country, which makes entry into Syria easier,” efforts willfully undermining peace talks.

So-called Western supported “moderates” are cold-blooded killers, bent on Syria’s destruction, demanding the imposition of their will, insisting Assad must go, ignoring international law and what’s best for Syrians.

Conflict resolution remains elusive. US-led foreign states demanding their will be imposed is a non-starter.

Russia supports the right of Syrians alone to decide who’ll lead them. Iranian Fars News is the only web site providing daily accurate accounts of continued conflict - showing government forces, aided by Russian air support as needed, achieving strategic gains on the ground.

Liberating Syria is only possible militarily. US/Saudi controlled diplomacy has no chance to work.

Geneva III talks are doomed to fail, undermined by unacceptable demands no responsible government would accept.

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