Friday, March 18, 2016

GOP Plot to Stop Trump

GOP Plot to Stop Trump

by Stephen Lendman

Party bosses representing monied interests decide who holds high office in America. Elections are farcical when held. Voters have no say whatever.

On March 17, the Washington Post discussed GOP power brokers meeting secretly, discussing how to undermine Trump’s campaign - including a possible “third-party challenge.”

They’re not concerned about his agenda as Republican nominee or holder of the nation’s highest office, only about their ability to control him. 

GW Bush was the ideal president - intellectually deficient, unable to reason analytically, closed-minded and simplistic, easily controllable, needing others around him to do his thinking and decision-making.

Trump is dangerous. He has a mind of his own. He didn’t become a billionaire by profiting from others’ successes.

According to WaPo, “three people familiar with the (secret) talks (called) the mood of the room…muted and downbeat,” unsure how to stop Trump.

“(A) bloc of participants argued (for) working in upcoming primaries to boost Cruz,” preventing Trump from winning a majority of delegates, assuring his nomination, aiming for a brokered convention.

A statement published on behalf of GOP power brokers meeting secretly said “(w)e encourage all former Republican candidates not currently supporting Trump to unite against him…”

Other meetings were held earlier with more planned on nominating anyone but him.

Longtime political consultant, strategist, Trump advisor Roger Stone believes his campaign may end in defeat. “Forget about (party bosses) conceding (him) victory” if he wins half or more GOP delegates, he said.

“They’ve cooked up a strategy…to steal delegates” so he’ll fall short of enough support for nomination on the first round. (T)hey…found a way to lie, cheat and steal Trump out of enough delegates to force a second ballot.”

Stone explained the scheme he sees unfolding in detail, but you get the point. If he’s right, party bosses will rig things to assure a brokered convention, letting them choose a candidate they control, ignoring Trump’s popularity, substituting their own choice for voters supporting him.

“(M)ake no mistake,” says Stone. “(T)he Big Steal is ON.” It remains to be seen if Trump can foil it.

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