Saturday, March 19, 2016

John Kerry's Upcoming Moscow Visit

John Kerry’s Upcoming Moscow Visit

Stephen Lendman

US hardliners irresponsibly call Russia America’s greatest threat. No evidence suggests it. Plenty shows Putin’s commitment to world peace and stability.

Kerry plans visiting with Russia’s leader, Sergey Lavrov and other government officials from March 22 - 25, a trip mainly for discussions on Syria.

On March 16, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said “(w)e are just now working on the visit. Of course, the main topic” is Syria.

Washington wants its will imposed. Moscow supports Syrian sovereign independence. Expect no diplomatic breakthroughs in resolving irreconcilable differences during Kerry’s visit.

On Saturday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said “(t)he situation in Russian-American relations remains difficult. We hope the visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry…the third in a year will contribute to the normalizations of…relations.”

Don’t bet on it. A century of US hostility toward Russia continues. Regime change remains official US policy, wanting pro-Western governance replacing its sovereign independence, war or color revolution Washington’s longtime strategies of choice.

Moscow knows what it’s up against. Nothing indicates positive change. False accusations of propping up Assad’s government and meddling in Ukrainian affairs persist.

Illegally imposed sanctions show where America stands. So does deploying US combat troops provocatively close to Russia’s borders, risking direct confrontation.

America’s rage for dominance makes improved relations with Russia impossible - especially if Hillary Clinton succeeds Obama, an implacable hardliner, militantly anti-Russian, endorsing nuclear weapons use, calling them peacekeeping deterrents.

Permanent war remains longstanding US policy, peace and stability anathema. Russia remains an obstacle to Washington’s quest for world dominance. An eventual confrontation looms.

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