Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Meaningless Bluster Saudi Threat to Invade Syria

Meaningless Bluster Saudi Threat to Invade Syria

by Stephen Lendman

Riyadh began threatening invasion weeks ago, knowing Syria and Russia won’t tolerate a flagrant breach of international law, no matter the phony justification claimed.

In a Tuesday interview with Reuters, Saudi General Ahmed Asseri said defense ministers from the so-called US-led anti-ISIS (sic) coalition “discussed (possible invasion) two weeks ago in Brussels…at the political level (not) as a military mission.”

“Once this is organized, and decided how many troops and how they will go and where they will go, we will participate in that. We need to discuss this at the military level very extensively with the military experts to make sure that we have a plan.”

No US-led anti-ISIS coalition exists. Washington, Riyadh, Turkey and other rogue allies support the scourge they claim to oppose.

In week ago Senate Foreign Relations Committee testimony, John Kerry discussed partitioning Syria, his so-called Plan B, involving 30,000 troops as enforcers in northern areas.

Putin and Assad categorically reject an alternative to US/Russia-brokered cessation of hostilities.

Deploying foreign forces on Syrian territory would assure greater war than already, proving what I’ve said many times, America rejects peace and stability. They defeat its imperial objectives.

Russia and Syria consider foreign invaders terrorists, including troops from other countries violating Syrian territory illegally.

Riyadh’s military is a poorly led, weak fighting force, unable to defeat guerrilla Houthi fighters in Yemen after a year of trying, sustaining heavy losses along with terrorizing millions of civilians.

The reliable Saker calls Riyadh’s military “a joke, a degenerate…force.” He believes they’ll be smashed decisively if daring to invade Syria, saying: 

“Syrians, Russians, Iranians and Hezbollah will all try to race each other to be the first one to finally get a hold of these SOBs and teach them a lesson they shall not forget in a long time.”

He doesn’t believe Erdogan, his advisors and military commanders “are crazy enough to (risk) war with Russia or even invade Syria.”

Riyadh deployed four warplanes to Turkey’s Incirlik air base last week. Asseri said they’re ready to be used against ISIS, failing to explain the kingdom is one of its key supporters.

If Saudi warplanes enter Syrian airspace without authorization, they risk being shot down by Russia or government forces.

According to Reuters, an unnamed US defense official said supporting “indigenous” anti-ISIS forces on the ground is part of Washington’s strategy - failing to explain America created and supports all terrorist elements as imperial foot soldiers against the legitimate Assad government.

The unnamed US defense official said the Pentagon will continue supporting anti-government (terrorist) forces, while not “comment(ing) or speculat(ing) on potential future operations.”

At the same time, Turkey continues shelling northern Syria, now on the phony pretext of targeting ISIS, one of various terrorist groups it supports.

US warplanes continue bombing Syrian infrastructure and government sites, the Pentagon falsely claiming it’s targeting ISIS - America’s ally, not enemy, its imperial foot soldiers wherever they’re deployed.

Fragile ceasefire in Syria heads toward unraveling altogether - untenable because bipartisan lunatics infesting Washington want war, not peace.

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