Monday, March 28, 2016

Obama Won't Meet with Erdogan in Washington

Obama Won’t Meet with Erdogan in Washington

by Stephen Lendman

They’re close allies, partnering in each other’s high crimes. They last met in Washington for a state visit in 2013.

Not this time on the occasion of Erdogan attending a DC Nuclear Security Summit (NSS 2016) on March 31 and April 1. According to the Wall Street Journal, Obama declined to “join him for the inauguration of a Turkish-funded mosque in Maryland” or at the White House for a formal visit.

They last met at the G20 summit in Turkey last November and spoke by phone last month. Delegations from 51 nations will attend the summit.

Obama has only one scheduled face-to-face meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The Journal calling Erdogan a key US partner against ISIS is an utter perversion of truth. He partners with Washington in supporting the terrorist group.

Previous articles explained he provides its fighters with safe haven in Turkey, trains them on its soil, lets them pass freely cross-border into Syria, supplies them with weapons and other material support, along with selling their stolen oil.

Obama and other Western leaders remain virtually silent about his war on Turkish, Syrian and Iraqi Kurds, criminalizing dissent, silencing free expression, imprisoning more journalists than any other leader.

European leaders bribed him with billions of euros to turn Turkey into a concentration camp for desperate refugees, depriving them of all rights, at times extrajudicially killing them at border crossings.

Preparations for both leaders meeting in Washington were arranged months ago. Erdogan’s press service reportedly has no information about any change of plans. He’ll arrive here on March 29, departing on April 2.

Turkey remains a key US ally, a NATO member. Obama declining to meet with him on his Washington visit doesn’t indicate cooler ties between both states. One fascist regime supports the other.

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