Friday, March 25, 2016

State Department Equates Legitimate Syrian Government to ISIS

State Department Equates Legitimate Syrian Government to ISIS

by Stephen Lendman

Perversion of truth is longstanding rogue state policy - willful deception to achieve political objectives. 

Netanyahu likens Palestine’s legitimately elected Hamas government and popular resistance against brutal occupation to ISIS.

State Department propaganda is similar - equating Syria’s overwhelming popular government, democratically reelected in June 2014, to Daesh.

Deputy State Department spokesman Mark Toner claims its presence in Syria is because of Assad’s brutal rule, an utter perversion of truth.

Syrians want no one else leading them. They want sovereign independence, free from foreign interference and control.

ISIS is a US creation, its fighters paid foreign mercenaries, death squads recruited from scores of countries, trained by CIA operatives in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan.

They’re armed, funded and directed, used as imperial foot soldiers, along with other anti-government terrorist groups, committing high crimes against peace, horrific atrocities.

These groups exist because of foreign support. Without it they’d wither and disappear. 

As long as backing from Washington, Turkey, other NATO states, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Israel continues, diplomatic conflict resolution remains pure fantasy.

A military solution alone can work. Diplomacy is futile without legitimate peace partners. Syria has none. 

Terrorists comprise the Saudi-controlled opposition - wanting the Syrian Arab Republic eliminated in its present form, balkanized tyranny replacing it.

Washington’s rhetorical support for peace is pure subterfuge. It wants regime change, endless war until its objectives are achieved - an Israeli rival eliminated, Iran isolated, unchallenged US control over the region established, Russian and Chinese influence weakened.

Syria represents the geopolitical lynchpin of US/Israeli regional policy. Russian intervention last year and continued military involvement changed the dynamic on the ground.

Government forces regained the initiative lost earlier, steadily retaking terrorist held territory, holding the upper hand in so-called peace talks - Assad not about to relinquish his hard won strategic advantage, supported by Russia.

Syria is a sovereign independent state, Assad its legitimate leader, his rule based on the will of his people. 

Equating its government to ISIS is a typical US perversion of truth, a pretext for endless naked aggression -  wanting regime change, Syria recolonized, its sovereign independence destroyed.

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