Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Turkey's Zaman to Be Published in Germany

Turkey’s Zaman to Be Published in Germany

by Stephen Lendman

Last Friday, Turkish authorities seized control of Zaman’s operations, including its English language Today’s Zaman edition, the nation’s largest circulation broadsheet.

State prosecutors and rubber-stamp courts ordered its independent voice silenced, part of longstanding Turkish war on free media, unprecedented under Erdogan, a notorious world-class thug, welcomed as a valued ally in Western capitals.

Dissent is criminalized in Turkey. A previous article said criticizing regime policy risks imprisonment on charges ranging from insulting the president to terrorism, espionage or treason.

Turkey imprisons more journalists than any other country. Zaman is now state controlled, transformed into a pro-regime mouthpiece. Security forces cordoned off its Istanbul offices.

On Monday, Reuters reported Zaman Almanya (Zaman Germany) intends “to continue publishing an opposition daily in Germany…”

According to its editor-in-chief Sueleyman Bag, as of Monday, March 7, “we are printing a version of Zaman that has nothing to do with Zaman” in Turkey.

Its first edition featured a black front page, headlining “(t)he constitution is abolished.” Its top online story featured “a veiled woman pressing her hand against her bleeding face outside the newspaper’s offices,” according to Reuters.

It stood in stark contrast to Turkish-controlled Zaman’s Sunday edition, featuring a smiling Erdogan photo and pro-regime reports, undisguised propaganda.

Bag said Germany’s Zaman will feature independent journalism. “We still have not addressed the question of how we’ll do that. This is a new challenge for us,” he explained.

Germany has about three million Turkish nationals. Zaman Almanya’s circulation is less than 15,000 - compared to around one million for Turkey’s Zaman and Today’s Zaman.

How it intends to increase its readership in print and online remains to be seen. Perhaps expanded editions are planned to try reaching Zaman’s Turkish readers, eager for real news and information.

Turkey is a fascist police state, Erdogan a megalomaniacal international outlaw, a valued US ally - partnering in Washington’s high crimes.

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