Sunday, April 03, 2016

Another Strategic Syrian Military Victory Following Palmyra

Another Strategic Syrian Military Victory Following Palmyra

by Stephen Lendman

Greatly aided by Russian air power, Syrian forces “restored security and stability” to the ancient city of al-Qaryatain and surrounding southeastern Homs areas, according to its Army Command - achieving another strategic victory, dealing ISIS another severe blow.

Syria’s military called its operation “precise” and “swift,” accomplishing its mission after several days of heavy fighting. Al-Qaryatain is located 60 miles west of Palmyra.

Mop-up operations continue. Army Command called the victory significant, inflicting heavy ISIS casualties, cutting their supply routes, securing area oil and gas pipelines.

ISIS fighters were routed, their wounded and military equipment abandoned as they fled territory lost to Syrian ground forces.

Al-Qaryatain was their last area stronghold. Government forces continue advancing toward Deir Ezzor and Raqqa. On Saturday, the Suniyat-Homs mountain range on the outskirts of Homs was retaken.

Syrian liberation depends on achieving one strategic victory at a time. Russia’s intervention made defeating terrorism possible.

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