Sunday, April 03, 2016

CNN Features World-Class Thug Erdogan

CNN Features World-Class Thug Erdogan

by Stephen Lendman

CNN mocks legitimate journalism, a mouthpiece for wealth and power like its scoundrel media counterparts.

Credible news, information and analysis are systematically suppressed, banished from its broadcasts, state-sponsored propaganda and rubbish not fit to air substituting.

On March 31, CNN disgracefully gave notorious despot Erdogan a platform to lie. 

Imperial cheerleader Christiane Amanpour interviewed him without challenging his litany of Big Lies, state-sponsored terror, support for ISIS and other terrorist groups, used to wage proxy war on Syria.

“We have never done anything to stop freedom of expression or freedom of press,” Erdogan blustered contrary to hard truths. 

“(T)he press in Turkey had been very critical of me and my government, attacking me very seriously. And regardless of those attacks, we have been very patient in the way we have responded to those attacks.”

Erdogan “patience” shut down electronic and print media criticizing his regime, exposing his support for ISIS and other terrorist groups.

He heads a fascist police state. Journalists are imprisoned for doing their jobs. Dissent is a criminal offenses. Anyone “insulting” him risks imprisonment, including children.

Claiming he’s not at war with the press and free expression is an utter perversion of reality. Truth and full disclosure of regime policies risk prosecution and imprisonment for espionage and/or treason.

Erdogan claiming Turkish laws support his actions have no basis in fact. Circumventing legal authority is standard regime practice.

Calling anti-Semitism and Islamophobia crimes, he systematically abuses his own people for freely expressing their views. 

He criticized EU nations for not taking “a common stand against terrorism” while waging state-sponsored terrorism against Turkish, Iraqi and Syrian Kurds, murdering them in cold blood.

He turned Turkey into a concentration camp for desperate refugees, while expelling thousands since mid-January and letting regime border guards lethally shoot others at crossing points.

No responsible media outlet would give despots print space or air time to willfully lie to readers or viewers.

CNN and other media scoundrels feature what demands condemnation, pretending it’s legitimate journalism.

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