Saturday, April 02, 2016

More Evidence of Obama's Fake Air War on ISIS

More Evidence of Obama’s Fake Air War on ISIS

by Stephen Lendman

Con man credentials are required to become US president - being a master deceiver and serial liar. 

Straight talk disqualifies aspirants. So does supporting peace, not endless wars, and wanting governance serving everyone equitably.

Obama, like his predecessors, was chosen to serve America’s monied interests exclusively while pretending to be populist, enriching them and advancing the nation’s imperium his main responsibilities.

His war on terrorism, especially on ISIS, is a complete fabrication. Previous articles explained in detail.

The Wall Street Journal supplied the latest evidence unintentionally, reporting on ISIS using Iraq’s Mosul University chemistry lab for bomb-making - the facility not struck by US air strikes despite claims otherwise.

It said the lab is used “to concoct a new generation of explosive devices (including chemical bombs and other chemical weapons) and train militants to make them” - citing US and Iraqi military sources familiar with what’s going on.

According to General Hatem Magsosi, “Iraq’s top explosives officer,” ISIS recruits “go to Raqqa (the group’s Syria stronghold), then to Mosul University…”

Alleged US airstrikes haven’t touched the facility. Its smart bombs aim elsewhere, targeting Iraqi infrastructure and government sites - supporting, not combating ISIS, the same scheme used in Syria against Assad.

US military spokesman in Iraq Col. Steve Warren lied claiming “we bombed them,” no additional details provided, no damage to the alleged sites struck.

Russian airstrikes could level the facility straightaway if ordered, eliminate it as a bomb-making threat. 

When ISIS seized Mosul in summer 2014, it obtained 40 kilos of uranium compounds kept at the university’s lab, materials enabling it to produce terror weapons.

According to former CIA officer Jack Rice, the group has no known capability to enrich uranium, but could likely produce dirty bombs able to irradiate areas where detonated.

Washington has been well aware of ISIS’ Mosul University operations all along, yet has done nothing to stop them.

Claims of US warplanes bombing the facility are Big Lies. A few smart bombs from a single sortie could destroy it in short order.

Why not? Because Washington uses ISIS fighters as imperial foot soldiers, continues supplying them with arms and other material support - complicit with its rogue Western and regional allies.

It wants the lab kept operating, able to produce terror weapons. Otherwise it would have smashed it without delay.

The Journal failed to explain what’s most important. Instead it hyped a phony threat to Western cities - state-sponsored false flags when violent incidents occur, not terrorist attacks as reported.

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