Wednesday, April 27, 2016

NYT Calls Trump Unfit to Be President

NYT Calls Trump Unfit to Be President

by Stephen Lendman

Times editors bash him relentlessly, supporting neoliberal neocon war goddess, Wall Street favorite Clinton, ignoring her pure evil agenda - shamelessly calling her the most qualified US presidential aspirant “in modern history.”

No responsible editors would publish this rubbish. All duopoly party candidates support the American way, serving wealth and power interests exclusively at the expense of peace, equity and justice.

Don’t let their campaign rhetoric fool you. Realpolitik speaks for itself. Democrat and Republican administrations are pro-war, pro-business and anti-populist, notably since the 1990s.

Sanders vows to back Clinton if she’s nominated, showing he supports her ruthless agenda, revealing his phony populism.

Times editors blasted Trump’s bad habits, accused him of “telling lies…saying that ISIS is ‘making a fortune’ on Libyan oil” - much more on what it’s stolen in Syria and Iraq they conveniently ignored.

Nor do they explain ISIS and other terrorist groups are US creations, unable to exist without foreign support, serving as foot soldiers to advance America’s imperium.

What’s most important to feature is consistently omitted from media reports - horse race journalism substituting for discussing issues mattering most.

Things appear heading for a Trump-Clinton showdown in November. Voters get to choose between bad or worse - responsible change nowhere on the ballot.

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