Friday, April 08, 2016

Resumption of Farcical Syrian Peace Talks Delayed

Resumption of Farcical Syrian Peace Talks Delayed

by Stephen Lendman

Two weeks of proximity talks accomplished nothing. Nor will months more with US/Saudi terrorist groups representing the opposition.

Assad rightfully vows to combat all armed groups killing Syrians until the nation is freed from their scourge.

Liberation requires a military, not diplomatic, solution because no legitimate peace partner is represented in talks.

Pro-Western mediator (sic) Staffan de Mistura announced scheduled April 9 or 10 talks delayed until April 13. 

Saying they’re intended to achieve “a real beginning of a political transition” defies justice for long-suffering Syrians, wanting no foreign elements compromising their sovereign rights.

Peace is unattainable through diplomacy because Washington and its rogue allies want war. US/Saudi-backed opposition terrorist groups want Syrian sovereign independence replaced by jihadist tyranny.

Meanwhile, conflict rages. Syrian forces aided by Russia’s aerial campaign keep making steady gains, retaking earlier lost territory.

A major operation is underway to free areas of Aleppo still held by terrorist fighters. ISIS elements attacked Kurdish YPG forces and civilians with chemical weapons in Aleppo’s Sheikh Maqsood neighborhood - killing around two dozen, injuring scores more.

Jaysh al-Islam is part of the US/Saudi supported High Negotiations Committee (HRC) - a terrorist group responsible for gruesome atrocities.

Its fighters were involved in the Sheikh Maqsood attack, firing mortars containing toxic agents. The YPG confirmed what happened, calling it launched “under the patronage of Turkey.”

Russia and Syria oppose Jaysh al-Islam political leader Mohammed Alloush’s participation in peace talks - acting as chief opposition negotiator, making them farcical with him and likeminded elements involved.

The group shelled Damascus residential areas, including Russia’s embassy, Sergey Lavrov explained.

Russia’s Defense Ministry reported an increase in terrorist attacks in and around Aleppo in recent days, dozens killed and injured, civilians harmed most.

According to YPG spokesman Redur Xelil, “there is no cessation of hostilities (for their fighters) and the Kurdish people.”

Just the opposite, he explained. Attacks “intensified. We are absolutely sure that it’s the Turkish government and (terrorist fighters) they support (who) are responsible for these assaults.”

Diplomatic conflict resolution remains unattainable as long as Washington, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other anti-Syrian rogue states want endless war, regime change, and the end of the Syrian Arab Republic as it’s now constituted.

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