Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trump and Clinton Win Big on Tuesday

Trump and Clinton Win Big on Tuesday 

by Stephen Lendman

Both candidates moved closer to their party’s nominations. With overwhelming unelected super-delegate support (nearly 20% of the Democrat total), Sanders is too far behind to catch up.

Without Republican super-delegates (6.5% of the GOP total), Trump is 400 delegates ahead of rival Cruz, momentum working for him.

On Tuesday, he won all five GOP primaries, Clinton four of five, Sanders winning only Rhode Island.

Strong showings from both leading candidates are expected in six May primaries and the big one in California on June 7, five other states voting on the same date. 

The race for both party nominations should be over by then, but electoral rigging makes anything possible. Tuesday evening Trump declared himself “the presumptive (GOP) nominee, absolutely.”

He’s right with millions more votes than his rivals, but the dirty system could “trump” him, rigging things for another nominee in July.

Dirty politics in America is longstanding. Monied interests decide things. Voters have no say. Democracy is pure fantasy.

Dirty business as usual continues no matter who holds the nation’s highest office and key congressional ones. Campaign rhetoric quickly fades.

Promises made are broken. Endless imperial wars will continue, monied interests served exclusively, the rights and welfare of ordinary people increasingly ignored.

Believing elections can change things is self-delusion. The American way is too venal to fix. Tyranny triumphed over the rule of law. 

Naked aggression is official policy. So is torture. Police state laws override constitutional protections.

Anyone considered a national security threat can be arrested and indefinitely detained - with or without just cause, their fundamental rights denied.

US citizens abroad can be hunted down and killed for any reason or none at all. Activists for peace, social justice and civil rights risk arrest and imprisonment. Dissent is increasingly endangered.

America’s next president will continue dirty business as usual while demagogically claiming otherwise.

Clinton is most likely to start WW III. Trump’s only redeeming quality is he won’t likely go that far. Make no mistake. He didn’t become a billionaire by being a good guy. 

Clinton’s public record as first lady, US senator and secretary of state shows she’s a disaster waiting to happen, a notorious Wall Street tool, addicted to endless wars - the military-industrial-scoundrel media complex’s dream candidate.

Endless war on humanity will continue on her watch. The fundamental problem too few Americans understand is things will be much the same no matter who succeeds Obama.

Wall Street, war-profiteers and other corporate favorites will benefit exclusively - at the expense of peace, equity and justice.

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