Sunday, April 03, 2016

Truth About Cancer Documentary

Truth About Cancer Documentary

by Stephen Lendman

Information on the important documentary to be released online April 12 states “CANCER WILL KILL NEARLY 8 MILLION PEOPLE THIS YEAR.”

Truth is systematically suppressed on how to avoid being one of its victims. Media scoundrels won’t air the documentary, with vital information drug industry bandits want suppressed.

Media freedom in America is wishful thinking. Industry corporate giants suppress what’s most important to report.

People are systematically lied to. Big Pharma is hated for good reason, profiting from ripping off consumers, contesting natural/alternative remedies to their toxic choices.

According to Health Ranger Mike Adams, The Truth About Cancer documentary “threatens to collapse the for-profit cancer industry,” benefitting hugely from remedies often causing more harm than good. 

Its business model depends on suppressing information on what causes cancer and keeping patients dependent on toxins they sell.

Western medicine is hooked on drugs, heavily influenced by Big Pharma funding. An informed public is the industry’s worst enemy. The more people know, the lower its profits. 

America’s healthcare industry is misnamed, requiring sickness to thrive. All drugs have harmful side effects. Yet they’re frequently prescribed.

Sometimes the best treatment is none at all. Sound individual judgment is vital to decide how to deal with illness when it strikes.

Cancer affects one in three people, a killer disease causing pain, suffering and millions of deaths.

War on cancer isn’t winnable when not being fought. Drug industry bandits and government officials conspire to keep people sick. Profits aren’t made from wellness.

The government/industry cancer establishment bears full responsibility for losing a winnable war - committing a high crime on humanity in the process.

According to internationally recognized cancer expert Samuel S. Epstein, “cancer is caused mainly by exposure to chemical or physical agents in the environment.” 

“The more of a carcinogen present in the human environment, hence the greater the exposure to it, the greater the chance of developing cancer from it.” 

“There is no known method for measuring or predicting a ‘safe’ level of exposure to any carcinogen below which cancer will result in any individual or population group.”

Hazardous prescription drugs “may pose the single most important class of unrecognized and avoidable cancer risks for the US population.”

Cancer establishment figures, regulatory agencies (run by industry officials), compromised academics and bought-off consultants downplay risks demanding highlighting.

Conflicts of interest are rife. Instead of waging war on cancer, it affects increasingly greater numbers of people needlessly.

Carcinogens government should ban taint our food, air, water, consumer products, prescription drugs and workplaces.

Cancer reached epidemic levels in America because corporate profits override public health. The more money spent on the disease, the more it proliferates because little goes for prevention.

The winnable war on cancer is being lost by design. Sickness industry bandits want it that way.

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