Monday, April 04, 2016

Turkey Promotes Fanaticism

Turkey Promotes Fanaticism

by Stephen Lendman

Turkey under Erdogan threatens regional and world peace. Its ministry of religion uses cartoons to manipulate young minds, glorifying Islamic martyrdom.

One titled “may god bless our martyrs, may their graves be full with holy light” shows a father telling his son “(h)ow good it is to be a martyr…to gain the right to go to heaven.”

Another one shows a girl saying “I wish I could be a martyr.” Her mother replies “(i)f you desire enough, Allah will give you that opportunity.”

A statement adds “(o)ur prophet says: a martyr feels the pain of dying as much as you feel pain when being pinched.”

Another says “(a) martyr would love to go back to the real world and be martyr ten times more after the honoring and prestige they receive in the heaven.”

Longstanding Turkish policy promotes radical Islam, notably under Erdogan, using it to advance his megalomaniacal ambitions, including solidifying iron-fisted rule along with waging war on Syria and area Kurds.

Turkey promotes its religious ideology at home and abroad. On Saturday, Erdogan presided over the opening of a Maryland-based Diyanet Center of America - called the Turkish-American Center of Culture and Civilization.

He blamed US presidential candidates for promoting Islamophobia, wanting their neighborhoods patrolled, banning them from entering the country.

“(T)here are still people walking around (in America) calling Muslims terrorists,” he said - ignoring his state-sponsored terrorism, support for ISIS and likeminded groups, downing a Russian aircraft in Syrian territory, unleashing his thugs on peaceful Washington protesters outside where he was scheduled to speak.

Islam promotes love, peace, nonviolence, charity, good over evil, as well as equity and justice for people of all faiths. Erdogan mocks its principles.

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