Friday, April 08, 2016

UK Prime Minister Cameron Admitted Evading Taxes

UK Prime Minister Cameron Admitted Evading Taxes

by Stephen Lendman

He profited from his late father’s Panama tax haven account, selling shares valued 31,500 pounds before becoming prime minister in 2010 - without declaring 19,000 pounds in capital gains for tax purposes.

His claim about not knowing if 300,000 pounds he inherited from his father benefitted from tax avoidance rang hollow.

He danced around the issue for days after Panama Papers documents implicated his father, giving one evasive explanation after another, including saying “I don’t have anything to hide.” 

Exposed deception proved him a liar. What other Cameron wealth might be hidden in tax haven accounts? Is he a greater tax cheat than now known?

What about his family members, wealthy cronies, other high-net-worth public and private figures in Europe and America? 

How many Western heads of state, other government officials and corporate ones hide their wealth offshore, free from taxes - while demanding ordinary people pay theirs?

In October 2014, Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne twittered “(t)ax evasion is not just illegal it’s immoral. People evading tax should be treated same as common thieves.”

How he’s handling his boss’ corruption isn’t known. Others want him out. Former London Mayor Ken Livingston demanded he step down, calling him the “most hypocritical prime minister of my lifetime,” his administration “the most damaging” to Britain’s least advantage.

His “government (since taking office in 2010) has been about a small elite getting rich while the poorer get left behind.”

“He shouldn’t just resign. He should be sent to prison.” Livingston accused his late father, Ian, of laundering money tax-free through Panama for 30 years. “And then (son David) was in denial, refusing to be honest about all of this.”

On March 20, a petition began circulating in Britain, calling for Cameron and Osborne to resign, saying:

Recent events have exposed just how dangerous and corrupt this current UK government is.” 

“Their own colleagues (turned) against them on their continuing mistreatment of the vulnerable in UK society while handing out breaks to the better off. Our current Prime Minister and Chancellor are not fit for office.”

“Continued cuts to infrastructure, the NHS and the biggest sale of public assets to private investors since records began have brought the UK to tipping point.” 

“Repeated falsehoods covering the real agenda of this current cabinet have now been exposed, and the people of the UK are sick of the lies, the corruption and the dismantling of the welfare state as an ideological exercise for political and financial interests.” 

“We, the people of the UK demand the resignation of those responsible: David Cameron and George Osborne.”

The petition was rejected on grounds of not being about a specific issue, not meeting “petition standards.”

Most often, crimes in the suites and halls of government go unpunished. Ordinary people aren’t so privileged.

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