Tuesday, April 05, 2016

US Aids Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria and Iraq by Terrorists

US Aids Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria and Iraq by Terrorists

by Stephen Lendman

CIA operatives and Pentagon contractors train terrorists to use chemical weapons at secret Jordanian and Turkish locations - perhaps Saudi Arabia and Qatar as well.

A previous article discussed an ISIS Mosul University (Iraq) chemical bomb-making lab not struck by US warplanes despite claims otherwise.

America wants war, not peace, in Syria and Iraq. It wants unchallenged regional control. It wants endless wars to benefit its “defense” and related industries.

Peace and stability defeat its agenda. Endless conflicts serve it, raging in multiple theaters, more for certain if Clinton succeeds Obama, possible direct confrontation with Russia, China and Iran.

Last month, the Syrian-American Medical Society reported at least 161 verified chemical weapons attacks since Obama launched war on Syria in March 2011 - killing around 1,500 and injuring nearly 15,000 others.

Another uncorroborated 133 additional chemical attacks were reported, 69 last year. The threat of continued use by US supported terrorists exists.

No evidence connects the Assad government at any time during over five years of conflict. Claims otherwise were fabricated.

Syria destroyed its entire CW arsenal under Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) supervision.

ISIS and other terrorist groups have access to toxic agents, able to use them freely against targets of choice.

According to a Syrian army source, its fighters attacked a military airfield in Deir Ezzor, using toxic chemical agents, sustaining heavy losses in clashes with government troops.

Turkey continues supplying ISIS and other terrorist groups with conventional and banned weapons. So does Saudi Arabia - with full US support and encouragement.

YPG Kurdish forces near Aleppo were attacked with toxic agents, sarin and other chemical substances.

Frequent attacks are occurring. In February, the OPCW reported ISIS use of chemical weapons against Kurdish forces in northern Iraq throughout 2015, continuing this year.

Syria fully complies with international law, including Security Council Resolution 2118 (September 2013), mandating the destruction of its chemical weapons stockpile under OPCW supervision.

Separately, terrorist groups comprising the US/Saudi supported High Negotiations Committee (HNC) opposition warned about cessation of hostilities “nearing total collapse” - blaming Syria for continuing to combat ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Spokesman/coordinator Riad Hijab said so-called peace talks won’t “go further” without focusing “on forming a transitional governing body without Assad” - a non-starter Syria justifiably rejects.

International law prohibits foreign powers or their agents from interfering in the sovereign rights of nations. Their people alone have the right to decide who’ll lead them.

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