Monday, April 25, 2016

US Upping the Stakes in Syria

US Upping the Stakes in Syria

by Stephen Lendman

In March 2011, Obama launched naked aggression on Syria, using ISIS and other terrorists as proxy foot soldiers.

In September 2014, US warplanes began bombing Syrian infrastructure and government sites on the phony pretext of waging war on ISIS.

Last December, Fars News reported “US experts are reconstructing and equipping a desolate airport…in Northeastern Syria…turning it into a military base.”

“The Lebanese al-Akhbar newspaper reported…that a number of US experts have entered the region since 50 days ago to develop and prepare the runways with 2,500m length and 250m width to be used by fighter jets.”

Abu Hajar airport is located in Kurdish People's Defense Units (YPG) controlled territory. Washington wants it to accommodate US warplanes, as a platform for its combat troops in northern Syria, supporting ISIS and other terrorists it calls “moderate rebels.”

US operations in Syria flagrantly violate international law, supporting terrorist groups, not combatting them, part of the scheme to topple Assad, replacing him with a pro-Western puppet.

Obama earlier promised no “American boots on the ground” in Iraq or Syria. Over 4,000 were deployed to Iraq, perhaps many more coming.

Unknown numbers were sent to Syria, another 250 heading there on the phony pretext of combating ISIS and supporting nonexistent “moderate rebels.”

Obama is waging ground war in both countries after pledging not to do it. How far he intends going remains to be seen.

Expect endless wars continuing no matter who succeeds him next year, glorifying them in the name of peace. 

Obama’s 2015 National Security Strategy is a declaration of permanent wars, saying America “will lead (through) strength…with capable partners…with all instruments of US power.”

Washington’s agenda threatens everyone. Its addiction to war makes peace unattainable. Its rage for dominance reflects pure evil.

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