Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Another Meaningless Security Council Resolution on Syria

Another Meaningless Security Council Resolution on Syria

by Stephen Lendman

On Tuesday, Security Council members unanimously adopted Resolution 2286: Protection of civilians in armed conflict.

It strongly condemned attacking medical facilities and personnel, the sick and wounded in conflict areas, demanding an end of impunity for responsible parties.

Since Obama launched naked aggression on Syria, using ISIS and other terrorist groups as proxy foot soldiers, Physicians for Human Rights documented over 360 attacks on around 250 medical facilities - killing over 730 doctors, nurses and other personnel.

US-supported Saudi terror-bombing in Yemen damaged or destroyed over 600 medical facilities. One or more US warplanes willfully destroyed MSF’s Kunduz, Afghanistan hospital, killing dozens, injuring many more, a heinous unpunished war crime.

Most casualties of war are civilians. America considers them legitimate targets. So does Israel and other rogue US allies. Resolution 2286 changed nothing, a meaningless gesture.

US warplanes bomb medical facilities and other nonmilitary targets in all its wars of aggression.

Longtime imperial tool Ban Ki-moon’s words rang hollow, saying “(s)uch attacks must end.” Throughout his tenure, he did nothing to condemn US-led NATO or Israeli aggression - nothing to demand accountability for the highest of high crimes.

Russia and Syria were wrongfully blamed for bombing Syrian medical facilities earlier, despite no evidence proving their responsibility - plenty showing US-supported terrorists and American warplanes are behind these attacks.

Who’ll enforce Resolution 2286 when Washington and its rogue allies flout its principles repeatedly - with impunity? Who’ll condemn US-led NATO aggression against one nonbelligerent nation after another?

Who’ll be held responsible for the millions of post-9/11 deaths alone - from US-instigated wars of aggression, related violence, preventable diseases, starvation and overall deprivation?

Who’ll stop US-led NATO’s killing machine? UN resolutions accomplish nothing. Rules of war don’t prevent violations.

Endless high crimes against peace continue - America, Israel and their rogue partners most responsible.

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