Monday, May 02, 2016

Cruz/Sanders Campaigns on Life Support

Cruz/Sanders Campaigns on Life Support

by Stephen Lendman

Trump and Clinton are their parties’ presumptive nominees, too far ahead to be overtaken. Polls show them leading in most remaining primaries.

Ahead of Tuesday’s Indiana contest, a new NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll shows Trump way ahead of his rivals.

Asked on Fox News Sunday if winning Indiana assures his nomination, he brashly said “(y)es, it’s over. It’s already over.”

On NBC’s Meet the Press, Cruz maintained a brave face, saying “I think the support we are seeing is surging.” Various polls indicate otherwise.

On CNN’s State of the Union, Clinton said “you have to look at reality.” It’s time for Sanders to step aside.

He and Cruz are too far behind to catch up. Will they continue their campaigns into July or concede because they have no chance to become their parties’ nominees?

Democrats decided on Clinton as standard bearer before campaigning began last year. Its primaries are theater, not a legitimate process to determine the will of the people.

Trump surprised, a rarity in US politics, a candidate party bosses oppose able to defeat all rivals anyway.

He or Clinton will succeed Obama. Should anyone care? Clinton’s public record should scare everyone - pro-war, pro-business, anti-populist.

Trump is a political unknown. He claims he’ll resist interventionism while focusing on domestic issues. At the same time, he intends assuring America maintains the world’s strongest military “so nobody’s going to mess with us.”

Nobody has for over 70 years. America faces no threats now, yet endless US wars continue. Expecting Trump to break with longstanding tradition is self-delusion.

He differs from Clinton in one key respect. He’s unlikely to start WW  III - a major risk if his Democrat rival wins.

She’s the most ruthlessly aggressive presidential aspirant in US history, representing pure evil. Don’t let her campaign rhetoric fool you, a litany of lies concealing her real agenda.

Whoever wins in November, monied interests win and ordinary Americans lose - why I urge voting none of the above or staying home.

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