Wednesday, May 04, 2016

European Commission Rewards Erdogan's High Crimes

European Commission Rewards Erdogan’s High Crimes

by Stephen Lendman

After bribing Turkey with billions of euros to keep desperate refugees out of Europe, EC members are poised to recommend visa-free travel for its citizens for stays up to 90 days, despite Ankara failing to fulfill all demanded conditions, mainly most important ones.

If approved as expected on Wednesday, millions of Turks will have visa-free access to 26 EU countries, Britain and Ireland excluded. They have their own visa requirements. 

On Wednesday, European Commission for Competition Margrethe Vestager tweeted “(t)he European Commission is today proposing…to lift the visa requirements for the citizens of Turkey (provided) Ankara “as a matter of urgency” fulfills EU criteria.

EC Vice President Frans Timmermans said unfinished work remains, (b)ut if Turkey sustains the progress made and continues at the same pace, they can meet the remaining benchmarks.”

Only Turks with biometric passports would be allowed entry visa-free. At the same time, it’s unclear if all Turkish citizens are included in the deal. 

What applies to some may not to others. All EU nations agreed to the arrangement by end of June. It remains for their parliaments and European Parliament to vote approval.

Some states are leery. France and Germany called for suspending visa-free travel if Turkish nationals illegally remain in Europe longer than their permitted time to stay. They want visa-free travel suspended for six months if agreed on criteria aren’t met. 

Turkey is a fascist police state. It’s being rewarded despite horrific high crimes against peace, war on press freedom, criminalizing dissent, rubber-stamp courts, and other flagrant human rights abuses.

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