Monday, May 16, 2016

Is US-Led Offensive in Northern Syria Coming?

Is US-Led Offensive in Northern Syria Coming?

by Stephen Lendman

Obama didn’t wage war on Syria to quit. He and his successor intend endless aggression to gain another imperial trophy - no matter how much more mass slaughter, destruction and human misery it takes.

Millions of Syrians may perish before things end, the entire country raped and destroyed. Hundreds of US and allied combat troops now operate in northern Syria along with paramilitary hired guns.

Likely many more are coming. US strategy so far failed to achieve its objective. Russia’s intervention last September changed things dramatically on the ground.

Syrian forces regained the offensive, putting US-supported ISIS and other terrorist groups on the back foot. According to London Arabic daily Rai al-Youm editor Abdel Bari Atwan, US, Turkish, Saudi and Qatari officials agreed to launch large-scale military operations in northern Syria.

He quoted former Syrian general Mohib Shalati from his Twitter comments - based on State Department information suggesting it, an offensive involving ground and air attacks.

He said Saudi Arabia and Qatar will finance a so-called anti-Syrian North Army coalition, including fighters from known terrorist groups - operations to begin in one to two weeks, thousands of militants with advanced weapons participating.

If Atwan is right, conflict may escalate dramatically. It remains to be seen how Russia responds to any new developments.

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