Thursday, May 26, 2016

NYT: Imperial Press Agent

NYT: Imperial Press Agent

by Stephen Lendman

Times propaganda supports America’s imperial agenda, its Syria coverage some of the worst in memory.

Managed news misinformation and Big Lies consistently substitute for reliable news and information readers need to know.

The Times perpetuates the myth of America’s war on terrorism, its phony intention to degrade and destroy ISIS - the monster it created and supports along with other terrorist groups used as imperial foot soldiers. 

Instead of debunking official Big Lies, The Times proliferates them - its latest propaganda piece claiming US airstrikes “are hitting more significant ISIS targets” when no reliable information suggests they’re hitting any.

They continue aiding the monster they claim to oppose, providing weapons and other material support. 

Not according to The Times, claiming unnamed “military officials saying they have corrected the poor intelligence collection and clumsy process for identifying targets that initially plagued the campaign, and are now hitting targets like oil rigs and secret cash coffers that finance the terrorist group’s war machine.”

There’s more. The Times says these targets were previously avoided “for fear of causing civilian casualties.”

Fact: US airstrikes target infrastructure and government sites, not terrorists America supports.

Fact: Civilians are harmed most in all US wars. Most casualties are noncombatants, often the vast majority. The notion of Pentagon commanders protecting them is a gross perversion of truth.

US Central Command head General Charles Q. Brown Jr. turned truth on its head, saying “(w)e’re hitting them where it hurts a lot more than we were in the past. Every bomb now has a greater impact.”

US warplanes began bombing Syrian targets illegally in September 2014 - aiding, not degrading or destroying ISIS and other terrorist groups, imperial aggression on the phony pretext of combating terrorism.

It took Russia’s real war on this scourge beginning last September to change things dramatically on the ground.

According to Moscow’s Deputy Security Council Secretary Evgeny Lukanov, Russian airstrikes and Syrian forces eliminated about 28,000 ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra fighters.

Washington takes credit for their military successes, ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra weakened because of their combined efforts.

The Times giving US forces credit for turning the corner in Syria is pure rubbish. Russian air power and intelligence along with rejuvenated government ground forces made the difference.

America’s imperial agenda threatens world peace, Russia the best hope to preserve it - what Times reports never explain.

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