Saturday, June 18, 2016

Heightened Risk of Escalated War on Syria

Heightened Risk of Escalated War on Syria

by Stephen Lendman

A previous article discussed dozens of unnamed State Department staffers urging “targeted military strikes” on Assad’s government - signing an internal memo posted on the agency’s dissent channel.

Obama already is at war to transform Syria into another US vassal state, using ISIS and other imported terrorist groups as imperial foot soldiers - supplemented by air strikes on infrastructure and government targets, along with US, UK, French and now German special forces on the ground, aiding the scourge their political leaders claim to oppose.

The State Department acknowledged the internal memo without comment. It’s more evidence of neocons infesting Washington, in this case the agency most responsible for US foreign policy.

It’s unclear if notorious hawk Victoria Nuland was one of the memo’s signatories. She’s militantly anti-Assad - earlier turning truth on its head, calling him “evil…inhumane,” unfit to rule, adding:

“He certainly should leave power. He is beyond brutal. It is inhumane what he has done to his own people.”

“I don’t think anybody who has is guilty of the kinds of crimes against your own people…can be considered rational by any human sense of the word.”

When Washington wants a sovereign leader toppled, politicized demonization precedes more forceful action.

Assad is overwhelmingly popular, reelected in June 2014, a process independent observers called open, free and fair. Syrians want no one else leading them. They alone have the right to choose, free from foreign meddling.

International law is clear. No nation may interfere in the internal affairs of others except in self-defense. Russia is legally aiding Syria combat US-supported terrorists at the behest of its government.

US military action flagrantly breaches international laws, norms and standards. Neocon State Department staffers want things escalated, Assad forcefully ousted, pro-Western puppet rule replacing him.

On Wednesday, John Kerry hinted at possible more robust US action, saying “Russia needs to understand that our patience is not infinite. (It’s) very limited now with respect to whether or not Assad is going to be held accountable.”

“The United States is not going to sit there and be used as an instrument that permits a so-called ceasefire to be in place while one principal party is trying to take advantage of it to the detriment of the entire process. We're not going to allow that to continue.”

Fact: Assad is responsibly defending his nation and people against US-supported terrorist invaders.

Fact: They’re virtually entirely responsible for ceasefire violations.

With half a year left before stepping down, Obama is unlikely to undertake a major policy shift on Syria. At the same time, US war on its sovereignty won’t end with a new administration. As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton orchestrated it. She’ll likely escalate it if elected in November.

Trump showed he’s hawkish, earlier saying “I’m gonna build a military that’s gonna be much stronger than it is right now. It’s gonna be so strong, nobody’s gonna mess with us” - implying heavy-handed saber rattling, likely freely using it.

Dozens of State Department staffers wanting US military strikes on Assad’s government is more evidence of America’s rage for war, neocons infesting Washington exerting influence on policy, disregard for rule of law principles, and likelihood of extremist/lawless governance continuing no matter who succeeds Obama.

Escalating war on Syria heightens the danger of direct confrontation with Russia, risking the possibility of extinguishing life on earth.

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