Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kerry Meets with State Department Hawks on Syria

Kerry Meets with State Department Hawks on Syria

by Stephen Lendman

A previous article discussed dozens of unnamed State Department staffers urging stepped up US military action to oust Assad, greater naked aggression than already - wanting pro-Western puppet governance replacing sovereign Syrian independence.

John Kerry expressed sympathy with their position without publicly endorsing it. On Tuesday, he met with “eight midlevel Foreign Service officers,” according to The New York Times - hawkish neocons among dozens publicly opposing Obama’s Syria policy.

According to State Department spokesman admiral John Kirby, Kerry “was largely in a listening mode.” The meeting’s “purpose was to hear them out.”

No US policy shift on Syria is planned, he explained, adding “(t)he secretary is very committed to trying to work on…getting a transitional governing process in place, getting the political talks back on track, getting the cessation of hostilities in force nationwide in an enduring way, and getting humanitarian assistance to…millions of Syrians in need” - long-suffering ones Washington doesn’t give a damn about or Obama wouldn’t have launched war in the first place.

The Times called Kerry’s position “awkward,” not wanting to criticize Obama’s Syria policy publicly, perhaps privately supporting more aggressive US military action.

Following Tuesday’s meeting, “nothing seemed resolved,” said The Times. State Department staffers and Kerry “agreed to keep the details of their conversation private.” 

At the same time, they said administration Syria policy could change, becoming more aggressive than already - virtually certain if Clinton succeeds Obama next year.

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