Saturday, June 18, 2016

Russia's Failed Aleppo Truce

Russia’s Failed Aleppo Truce

by Stephen Lendman

Months of good faith Russian cessation of hostilities efforts in Syria failed. So did its call for longterm ceasefire in Aleppo after declaring a two-day truce on June 16. Fighting never halted.

Washington wants war, not peace. Multiple ceasefire violations occur daily, US-supported terrorists virtually entirely responsible. Heavily armed fighters freely enter northern Syria through Turkey’s border daily.

On June 18, Russia’s center for reconciliation said “(u)nits of the (terrorist) Jaysh al-Islam group which affiliates itself with the opposition opened mortar fire at positions of Syrian government troops in the settmlements of Jobar, Haush al-Fara, Zamalka and twice in Jaur al-Basha in the province of Damascus.”

“No air strikes were delivered by the Russian air group and the Syrian air force at armed opposition groups which have declared cessation of hostilities and referred their coordinates to the Russian or US reconciliation centers.”

“Groups constituting the international terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra continue attempts to break down the regime of cessation of hostilities in the province of Aleppo.” 

“During the day, militants conducted fire from artillery systems and mortars at the settlement of Handrat and the al-Nayrab airport in the province of Aleppo, and at Aleppo’s districts of al-Khalidiya, Sheikh Maksoud, al-Zahra, and Salah al-Din.”

Russia issues similar reports to these daily, clear evidence showing nearly four months of ceasefire efforts failed.

On Saturday, Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen television said terrorists killed seven and wounded 15 others in Aleppo’s Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood - during Russia’s declared ceasefire period.

Endless war rages, prospects for peace virtually nil. Washington disgracefully blames Russia and Syrian forces for high crimes of war and against humanity committed by terrorist fighters it supports.

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