Sunday, July 03, 2016

Anti-Brexiteers Hit London Streets

Anti-Brexiteers Hit London Streets

by Stephen Lendman

On June 23, referendum results showed most Brits for Brexit, an anti-neoliberal/pro independence rebellion wanting change.

Union beholden to Brussels sacrifices political sovereignty to a higher offshore authority. Independence may not change much but at least would let Brits chart their own way.

Sovereign independence is sacrosanct, inviolable - the inalienable right of all nations. Union destroys it.

On July 2, thousands protested against Brexit in London, mostly youths, largely pro-union nationwide.

A statement issued by organizers and speakers said “(t)oday we joined thousands of people backing “March for Europe” and we called for the country to come together in a positive democratic discussion over the new partnership with Europe.” 

“We condemn the misinformation over Brexit and believe we need a properly informed debate on the way forward. We cannot pull up the drawbridge to Europe and call on our politicians to set out a clear route map for this partnership.” 

“Politicians must be prepared to put to the British people their prospectus for the new way forward through a general election or second referendum.”

Powerful interests likely orchestrated things behind the scenes, one of early-going anti-Brexit shots across the bow, lots more coming, an organized effort to build majority pro-union public sentiment.

Chances for Brexit are virtually nil. Monied interests on both sides of the Atlantic reject it. Referendum results changed nothing. Parliamentarians alone have final say.

Expect pressure brought to bear to build majority support for union. Things will likely play out for months, status quo prevailing when the dust settles - the worst outcome for most Brits.

Ordinary ones against Brexit fail to understand what’s at stake. Sovereign independence isn’t “pull(ing) up the drawbridge to Europe.”

Partnership should depend on mutual cooperation benefitting all parties equitably. EU membership denies it - a straightjacket giving Brussels and above all Washington control over member states.

“(D)emocratic discussion” ahead should focus on what’s most important. Should Britain declare independence or remain a Brussels/US colony?

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